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So, everyday we look at perfectly polished pictures (crikey that’s a mouthful) of celebs with flawless and seemingly ageless skin. Sigh, it all gets a little depressing for us mere mortals and our uneven skin tone which is prone to a breakout or two. But when we stumbled across an extract from an article in the raunchy Allure magazine and found the real reason super hot Cindy Crawford looks closer to 25 than 45 was down to regular microdermabrasion we were absolutely delighted. Take a look at the models skincare regime tip here…

Cindy’s shoot was part of an ‘anti-ageing’ issue of the mag, designed to dish out different tips to keep you looking young. Talking about her skin, she said: “My skincare regime includes a day cream with antioxidants, a sunscreen, a night cream, and an eye cream. I also swear by microdermabrasion – and protecting the skin on her hands, neck and chest.”

Refreshing doesn’t even come close. We thought all models were graced with either a.) superhuman genetics or b.) the power of a 24 hour a day make up artist and lighting expert. Whilst both may play a part in their sickening radiance, it’s good to know some treat their skin using normal products and treatments too.

Also, whilst we can’t promise you Cindy’s looks overnight (if we could, it would be us, not Lily Cole gracing the cover of Vogue magazine) we can offer you the treatment she swears by for her flawless complexion! Book in now for your SkinBase microdermabrasion sessions. We promise you won’t regret it…

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