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Creams and lotions are well-known for assisting in the quest for younger looking skin, but have you ever considered probiotics for younger looking skin? The thought of consuming bacteria may leave you shuddering. However, probiotics are a good type of bacteria that help to keep your gut healthy. So, why are probiotics great for promoting a youthful looking complexion?

The benefits of probiotics for the body

Many people suffer from gut issues due to environmental toxins, stress, processed foods and more. As we age, our health tends to decline and we don’t have the same energy and vitality that we do when we are young. Consuming healthy bacteria in the form of probiotics helps to protect the lining of the intestine, prevent diarrhoea and constipation, aid digestion, fight infection and produce vitamins B and K which are instantly absorbed.

The benefits of probiotics for the complexion

Probiotics have a wealth of benefits for promoting younger looking skin;

  • A glowing complexion – probiotics promote a luminous complexion as better digestion means your skin is receiving more nutrients.
  • Anti-ageing – probiotics help to remove toxins and prevent free radical damage to eliminate early signs of ageing on the complexion, such as fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Healthy liver – probiotics promote a clean and healthy liver which may give you brighter eyes and fewer moles and age spots.
  • More energy – probiotics aid digestion to give you more energy. When you’re more energetic, your complexion is less likely to show signs of tiredness, including dull skin and dark circles.
  • Glossy hair – As well as a glowing complexion, probiotics help your hair to look super glossy. This is thanks to healthy intestines.

How to consume probiotics

You’ll find many probiotic drinks and yoghurts in most supermarkets. However, you can also consume miso soup, tempeh, sauerkraut and kimchi.

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