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Today’s fabulous guest blog comes from wonderful salon therapist, Neen Riseborough.

Neem specialises in laser treatments but is now taking on microdermabrasion in her salons due to the popularity and great results.

Her first blog is on something that lots of people suffer from, pigmentation and pigmented leisons. Here Neem talks about how we can avoid and treat skin pigmentation. Over to Neem…

All too often I hear people speak of liver spots on the face and hands, which seem to occur with age. Whist it is true that these pigmentations do happen as we get older; they have nothing to do with ones liver. They are in fact the product of a disturbed or damaged melanocyte.

Melanocyte is a cell found in the epidermis (top layer of skin), It is indeed a clever little cell, its job is to protect the skin from invasion. Invasion could be anything from a mere knock or cut to serious sun damage. We are all familiar with the feeling of the skin tingling when sun bathing goes too far, or itching when healing, this should be taken as a warning, as it is the melanocyte beginning to prepare to protect. In doing so, it will form a barrier of toughened skin on the damaged area that with time, may become darker than other areas of the skin’s surface. These are pigmented lesions.

The result could be a cluster of brown markings, more common on the face and the hands as these are the areas that a mostly exposed to sun and susceptible to much damage if we are not prepared to take care and use a SPF 30+, I emphasize please, nothing less.

Fortunately, the general public are currently far more aware of the damage that can be done if this simple rule is ignored, it is especially important to those of us who work out doors or enjoy gardening or a game of golf, being exposed to the elements on a daily basis demands serious protection at all times. Whilst we are able to successfully treat pigmented lesions and photo damage (sun damaged skin) it makes far more sense to be wise prior to the event.

We treat both of the above issues with Laser, normally a course of three short treatments over a period of two to three months, will be required to clear the area. The results are fast and rewarding; down time is 5/7 days of the area looking darker than normal prior to flaking off. However it is important to realise that the melanocyte is blessed with an amazing memory and whilst the out layer may be cleared, should that same area be exposed to invasion such as sunlight without protection, the markings will all too quickly return. Protection will help avoid revisiting the laser clinic on an annual basis, which some people are happy to do. Treatment can be received at any time of the year but is always better in the cooler months.

Recommendation would be to have laser in the winter and follow up throughout the year with microdermabrasion, which will also help with removal of dry skin and returning pigmentation. It will also retain a good visual condition.

Microdermabrasion, what is it? It is a system of intense exfoliation and resurfacing that rejuvenates the skin. Ultra-fine crystals strike the skin to remove its dead outer layer, at the same time a vacuum sweeps up both the crystals and the skin cellular debris. This in turn stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which results in a firmer, more youthful looking skin.

It can vastly improve the appearance of pigmentation, acne scarring and stretch marks. It is excellent for speeding up the skins renewal process; we at SLCC have found that in using microdermabrasion as maintenance post laser treatment produces excellent results against the constant battle of ageing skin.

What are the benefits to this popular treatment?

• Eliminates possible adverse reaction often associated with chemical skin peels.

• One can return to normal lifestyle immediately after treatment, with no extreme reddening of skin.

• We can safely treat all skin types (colours) and many conditions, from tired dull skin to fine lines and wrinkles. The results are immediate; It enhances penetration of approved skin products after treatment

• Helps with signs of aging and offers rejuvenation for aged skin, due to the vacuum action, improving elasticity and muscle tone. It is pain free and pleasant to receive.

• Variable control of the device allows deeper exfoliation of the thickened blemished skin, in-particular acne scarring or pigmented lesions.

• Any one at any age can benefit for microdermabrasion. It will improve the appearance of the skin, producing a healthy youthful glow.

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About Neem’s salon:

Help is always available at SLCC, no matter what the skin problem. The salon offers a full range of Cosmetic Aesthetic Treatment. The latest Laser Technology. Laser Teeth Whitening, Microdermabrasion, Permanent Make Up and finally Specialised Beauty Therapy, such as the popular Shellac nail system.

SLCC is a unique clinic set within the private, peaceful area of Royal Sandringham. Our professional team is five, each clinician specialising in their individual skill, offering our clients the very best in safe, experienced and correctly trained hands. SLCC is CQC Inspected and registered also a Consulting Room Gold Clinic member. Please call 01485542143 with any enquiry or free consultation, website or visit us on face book.

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