Even when you’ve ‘nothing to wear’ – adding a splash of colour to your lips adds instant glamour and can take an outfit from ‘drab’ to ‘fab! ‘(sorry!)

The truth is that getting a red lip right is something of a mystery – we often find ourselves irrationally jealous of those ladies who seem to effortlessly retain the perfect berry lip day in, day out.

Help is here, and thanks to keikolynn.com (we really adore this blogger!) and Buzzfeed – we’ve got a picture which shows you every step to ensure flawless red-carpet lips.

Last summer, we wrote a blog about the trend toward bold, bright lips – why not brighten up winter days with the same?

Whilst we’re talking about lips – lipstick doesn’t work half as well unless your lips are in tip top condition. Try reading our pointers on caring for your lips and make sure they’re the perfect canvas for whatever shade lipstick or gloss you choose.


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