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With summer upon us, it’s likely many of us are heading to the gym to get in shape before the weather heats up and the layers come off. While the importance of a morning and evening skin care is widely understood, I bet not many follow an after gym beauty regime. Try following these tips to make sure your skin stays happy and healthy at the gym too.

No make-up when working out

We’ve all been guilty of turning up to the gym with a face full of makeup, but panda eyes and runny foundation, aside, it’s best to leave the makeup at home. You’re going to sweat it all off anyway, so do you really want to waste your fave eyeliner at the gym? Bare-faced and ready to get all sweaty from your workout is best and will help prevent your pores from getting all clogged up with heavy makeup. Plus, that after workout glow, which we all love, will help make your skin look amazing and so much better than bronzer!

Gently does it

Likely after a good workout, you’ve built up a bit of a sweat and might be tempted to scrub yourself from tip to toe to feel clean again. But, STOP!!! This could spell disaster, especially if you have sensitive or dry skin already. Instead, gently does it. Choose a shampoo and cleanser which is gentle in nature and will do the trick, no matter how sweaty you are.

A cool shower is better for the skin

Your muscles are sore, and you’re exhausted — what a workout! But resist the urge to spend the next half-hour in the hot shower. It may soothe your muscles, but it will also strip your skin of vital oils, leaving you dry, itchy and unhappy.

Don’t skimp on products

A fully stocked gym bag can feel like a (heavy) burden, but it’s important to treat your skin with the same effort and time as you would in the morning and evening. There’s a reason you use a proper cleanser, moisturiser, shampoo etc at home, so why ruin your routine (and sacrifice your complexion) to save a little time or space in your gym bag?

Re-hydrate your skin

If you have a shower straight after the gym, it’s so important that you moisturise your skin. It’s likely that your skin will have lost a lot of moisture through sweating during your workout so take a few minutes to keep your skin hydrated and healthy by applying a generous dollop of your favourite facial moisturiser and body lotion after the shower. And don’t forget it’s important to re-hydrate your body after your workout too by drinking lots of water.

Protect your skin from the elements

Before you leave the gym and head out into the world, protect your precious skin from the elements. Apply a layer of sun protection, even in winter… and if it’s winter, don’t forget to protect your pucker with lip balm, too.

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