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party season

Party season is in full swing – Look after your skin with these top tips!

With party season now in full swing, your skin might be suffering already. A combination of buffet food, alcohol and late nights might be taking its toll. Don’t worry though as we have the perfect pick me up if your skin is looking and feeling a bit dull and dehydrated.


Treat your skin to a little care and attention with this intense exfoliating facial. Lie back and relax as your therapist removes all the dirt, grime and build up along with any dead skin cells. The vacuum action will stimulate collagen production and bring some much needed life back to your skin.

Here are a few more suggestions to minimise the effects of a party lifestyle:

  1. Make sure to remove your makeup when you get home! Leave a note on your bedroom door. We know it’s too easy to just say ‘meh’ and get into bed but not only will that be bad for your skin, you’ll be loading up your pillowcase with that day and night’s dirt and grime too.
  1. Put a pint of water by your bed before you go out and when you get into bed, drink it! If you have been enjoying a few alcoholic beverages that evening it is very dehydrating to your skin, so replenish before you go to sleep. Even better, have a glass of water with, or between, every alcoholic drink you have.
  1. Stop drinking early. If you enjoy a few drinks, you will more than likely have had enough to be merry by midnight. If you’re out past that time just swap to the soft drinks. You’ll still enjoy your night but hopefully, the morning after will be less painful for you!
  2. Exfoliate – If you can’t fit in a microdermabrasion facial then make sure to use an exfoliator as part of your skincare routine to slough away old, dead skin. Although you really can’t beat a microdermabrasion facial for this so we suggest you book in! Find your nearest therapist here.


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