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Would you like to have healthy glowing skin? The perfect physique? A healthier diet?… of course you would. Lucky for you we scour the web so you don’t have to and post some of the best ways to get that perfect lifestyle right here in the SkinBase™ blog.

Four simple steps to keep your neckline defined

Four simple steps to keep your neckline defined

It’s an aspect of ageing that we all dread – sagging jowls, turkey neck, wrinkled décolletage…  but there are lots of things you can do to help maintain a defined, youthful jawline. Here are four easy tips! Facial Exercises Muscle tone is an important part...

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Pigmentation and pigmented Lesions. What are they and can we remove them?

Today’s fabulous guest blog comes from wonderful salon therapist, Neen Riseborough.

Neem specialises in laser treatments but is now taking on microdermabrasion in her salons due to the popularity and great results.

Her first blog is on something that lots of people suffer from, pigmentation and pigmented leisons. Here Neem talks about how we can avoid and treat skin pigmentation. Over to Neem…

Get rid of acne scars naturally

We’re all in a constant battle for perfectly clear skin. Men and women, young or old – the quest for beautiful skin is pretty much something we all think about for at least a couple of minutes every time we’re faced with a mirror and some unsightly spots, fine lines, wrinkles or pigmentation.

Something a lot of us are often worried about are long-term problems with scars from acne or accidents.

We did some research and here’s our guide on how to get rid of, and minimise, scars naturally.

Good luck!

WIN a SkinBase Facial EVERY WEEK by entering our competition!

We’re so excited. Our first winner of a FREE SkinBase facial, Laura Sharkey, was announced last weekend (we’ll be posting the pics up soon!) and our second winner, Chloe Farrelly was last weeks winner (CONGRATS GIRLS!) If you haven’t heard, from now on we’ll be treating one of our SkinBase fans to a completely free SkinBase facial EVERY WEEK until, well, forever!

I know – pretty generous hey? Well we don’t think so, we want as many people as possible to have the chance to try the SkinBase facial and reap the rewards of flawless, clear skin.

The best thing about our competition is that we’ve made it so simple to enter. No long forms and no ulterior motives – simply enter and check our facebook page each Saturday to see if you’re a winner!


Amour! Italian magazine loves The SkinBase Facial

We’re so delighted that the Italians (who know more than just a thing or two about beauty!) have fallen in love with The SkinBase Facial. This month we got a double paged spread in popular beauty magazine ‘La Pelle’, amazing!

The article interviewed SkinBase owner and founders, Rich and Leesa Faulkner to find out exactly why they began the company. Though we’re sure many of you are fluent in Italian (like we are of course, uh hem…) we’ve translated the piece for you just in case.

Something for the weekend – the easiest & quickest smoky eye effect

Everyone wants sexy, smoky eyes but it’s a look that can be difficult to get right. Applying deeper shades to the eyes requires lots of skill and accuracy. There is no room for error! Both eyes need to be symmetrical and perfectly blended. When applied correctly the result is simply amazing looking eyes. The shadow should never compete with your eyes. Not surprising then that smoky eyes are the most requested look for a makeup artist.

Here is my fool proof, quick and very easy guide. It requires very few products and the whole look can be achieved with just fingertips. What’s great about this look is its casualness, like you haven’t tried too hard, its not overly done and that’s why it works on all ages. It’ll go with anything and wouldn’t be out of place during the daytime either…

Poolside beauty – our favourite artfully dishevelled look

Summer is here, well, almost! This warm weather has sudden gripped us with the usual May / June fear as we suddenly realise we’re supposed to be fresh faced and beach ready in just a matter of weeks. PANIC.

If our wobbly bits weren’t frightening enough, we’ve also got to think about our face, makeup, hair and of course, accessories to sort out (oh to be a man…) so at SkinBase we’ve decided to give you a few of our favourite DIY looks over the coming months, copied straight from the catwalk.

The good news? It requires nothing more than an amazing pre holiday skin routine, a tonne of high sunscreen, a little powder and some creative fingertips which work a treat at tousling locks…

Trend alert: Diamond year – lets sparkle

So Queenie is celebrating 60 years, and we all get a four-day weekend out of it. Thank you very much.

Looks like the world of make up and fashion have taken the glittering heights of royalty to a whole new level as we’re inundated with shimmering gowns, silver spray on make up and dazzling catwalk tiaras. This is one trend we think we’re going to enjoy.

Long live the queen, long live the metallic trend…

SkinBase top beauty tip: Kohl powered

We love arming you beauties with little top tips to make you even more gorgeous. This week it’s our dramatic friend the eyeliner who takes centre stage…

‘If you want to make your eyes appear more dramatic without looking as if you’ve used a lot of eyeliner, take a black kohl pencil and softly line the inside rim of your top lid. It will instantly add density to the eye, and make the roots of your lashes look darker’

Body beautiful: the corset comeback – would you wear one?

In the ongoing quest for the “perfect body,” women have turned to a new–actually make that very, very old–mode of transformation: corsetry

A mixture of celeb interest and figure hugging dresses on the market appear to have made looking for a body ‘the shape of a coke bottle’ a do’able and acceptable undergarment once more!

The question is, would you wear one?

Trend alert! A caviar manicure…

Nail polish trends come and go (see: the French manicure) but luckily there’s always something new, wonderful, and wacky in the pipeline. Last year it was all about crackle top coats and magnetic polish. We hadn’t really seen anything new yet this year in the world of nails…until now.

Welcome the happiest and poshest manicure going – the Caviar.

Frock of the week – Eva Longoria

How could you not love the old school glamour of Eva’s dress at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival.

Cannes may be about movies, but any Hollywood starlet knows that it is also the perfect place to dazzle on the red carpet with Eva Longoria, Lana Del Ray and Diane Kruger pulling out all the stops on the first night of the International Film Festival. Take a look at a few more stunning creations here…

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