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Acne & Acne Scarring

SkinBase Microdermabrasion Tuesday Transformation…

This weeks Tuesday Transformation comes courtesy of Laura at CoCo Beauty & Skincare. Laura has had such amazing results with her clients using SkinBase that we really wanted to show you. The before and after picture is impressive, especially since the client has only had ONE SkinBase treatment! Just look at the improvement.

Laura, we applaud you!

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Beauty News

Contouring tricks for every face shape (with an added infographic!)

Contouring is still our favourite way to go from everyday make up to full on glam. For those of you unsure what contouring is, it is the process of strategically applying makeup to highlight the areas of your face where light would naturally hit and placing shadows where shadows would naturally fall.  I’m deeply sorry if you thought a good foundation was all it takes to have great skin – it’s just not true.

Here’s an infographic from showing how to contour and highlight for your face shape…

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Before & Afters

SkinBase Tuesday Transformation

Our favourite way to show you just how amazing SkinBase microdermabrasion is, is by sharing the before and after pictures with you. When Mirelle’s Beauty Salon shared this incredible transformation over on Instagram recently (NB: if you don’t already follow us, what are you waiting for, we’re SkinBase_Facial) we couldn’t wait to share it on transformation Tuesday! Typically, for severe acne and acne scars, beauty salons will recommend between 6-12 SkinBase treatments, and we think you’ll agree, if it ends with results like this, it couldn’t be more worthwhile!

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Acne & Acne Scarring

Why do you keep getting spots on the same part of your face?

One of our most popular blogs on SkinBase was a past piece we did on face mapping. For those of you not familiar with this term, the ancient art of Chinese face mapping connected areas of the complexion with internal issues. For example, a spot between the brows could have been a sign of an ailing liver. Of course, spots don’t always mean something sinister, but if you find you get recurring spots on the same part of your face, you might need to rethink your beauty regime…

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Healthy Living

Top Tips for Pre and Post Self Tanning

There’s two reasons we decided to blog about self tan today, 1.) It’s officially no longer summer (where did that go?), and 2.) It’s party season, and we all need a good Christmas party glow!

So, lets get tanning, and with our simple, top fake tan tips, you’ll look like a bronzed goddess in no time (minus orange hands and streaks!)

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