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Would you like to have healthy glowing skin? The perfect physique? A healthier diet?… of course you would. Lucky for you we scour the web so you don’t have to and post some of the best ways to get that perfect lifestyle right here in the SkinBase™ blog.

healthy hair
Beauty Tips

Top tips for healthy hair…

Having healthy hair is something many of us lust over. Here at SkinBase we talk a lot about the impact amazing skin can have on upping the confidence levels, but having fantastic locks can also have a big role to play. After all, hair is such a big part of who we are; it helps to frame the face, highlights your own unique style, so it makes sense we want it to be perfect. Check out these tips for amazing hair, every day!

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Healthy Living

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

We’re pretty certain we’ve talked about this before but that’s because it really is important to drink enough water. Here’s why and how much we recommend…

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lockdown skin
Beauty News

Are you suffering from lockdown skin?

You might have had the chance to give your skin a breather during lockdown. The chance to wear less makeup and get more sleep if you have been at home more. So why then is that not translating to great skin? A few factors could be affecting your skin condition and causing lockdown skin.

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