So by now, I don’t think this blog needs any introduction. We’ve basically cherry picked three of our favourite beauty blogs to share with you this week. We think they are definitely worth a read so why not check them out for yourself?

British Beauty Blogger

This blog comes from a beauty writer for both on-line and mainstream media who has also written 4 beauty books over the years – so we’d like to think she knows a thing or two about beauty!

In her own words: “I started Britishbeautyblogger as a place to talk about products and experiences in a way that just wasn’t possible in magazines or papers: I wanted to say if a product was rubbish and not just discretely ‘not mention it’.. I just felt consumers had a right to know if they were throwing their money away. Basically, I had gathered so much product knowledge and it was all sitting in my brain doing nothing, so along came the blog.”

We love her philosophy and we love her blog. Want some good honest product reviews? Check it out!


Pixiwoo is written by two makeup artists Sam and Nic and is full to the brim of the latest beauty tips, must buys and tried and tested. With their jobs being slap bang in the heart of the beauty industry and working with beauty products every day to make people beautiful, they certainly know their stuff.

We particularly like their blog on blotting sheets. A sufferer of oily skin myself I always struggle to keep the shin at bay throughout the day and I am loathed to pile on the powder so their round up of the best blotting sheets out there and their benefits is a great help to me and many others.

They write: “If you have oily skin you will know how annoying a shiny face is or how your makeup has slipped off by lunchtime.

“Powder is the usual product we reach for to combat the shine and this works but after a few hours of touching up with powder skin can sometimes look a little caked. When skin is over powdered it also looks flat, dull and pores and fine lines are magnified.

“Blot sheets are a nice alternative to powder or a nice addition to be used with powder.

“If you haven’t used these before they are basically thin tracing paper style sheets, which are usually coated with an oil absorbing powder.

“By gently placing the sheets on the oily areas the oil transfers onto the sheet and leaves your skin with a matter finish whilst makeup underneath is mostly left un disturbed.”

Caroline Hirons

And we have another beauty expert lined up for you. Caroline Hirons trained in over 100 brands and is a globally qualified advanced facialist. She has worked in the industry for over 16 years and as a result has had the opportunity to try lots of product. Which means she is in a brilliant position to share her knowledge with us!

With many of us likely to be going on holiday any time now, we’d highly recommend checking out her run down of the best sun creams.

Let us know what you think of this blog and of course if you’re a beauty blogger and want us to check your blog out and perhaps recommend to our SkinBase followers, then get in touch!

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