So here it is, our latest round up of amazing bloggers compiling must-visit beauty blogs with top tips to help you stay fabulous!

Wish Wish Wish

A good mix of beauty, lifestyle, travel and fashion, through this blog the reader feels in the know and almost part of author and her fella Miguel’s life, and boy do they make a cute couple!

The author (I refer to her as this as she doesn’t reveal her name – that I can find anyhoo!) as well as being an amazing blogger, also works full time at ASOS, so you can imagine that her style is to die for, which makes us like her even more.

Her recent blog post titled ‘An easy up do’ was one the SkinBase team particularly enjoyed, especially as we, like most people when it comes to doing our hair – it’s either tied up in a straightforward pony tail or down after an attempt to blow dry into some kind of style. Check out her blog for tips on ‘up dos’ and more!

Read more here.

Pearls and Poodles

Milly is the blogger behind Pearls and Poodles and in her own words is a left handed, vegetarian, tea drinker, cat lover, curly haired, optimist, freelance beauty writer from essex.

If you’re a sucker for beauty and trying the latest offering from make up brands, then this blog is for you. Milly tries everything from nail polishes, lipsticks and eye shadows and always treats us to a before and after – and you know we love a good before and after. Def worth a visit to check out her latest recommendations!

Dizzy Brunette3

Corrie is the girl behind Dizzybrunette3 and is, yep you guessed it, an actual dizzybrunette with a love for all things make up and beauty whose favourite things in life are big hair, shorts and One Direction – we like this crazy chick already!!

One of our favourite posts of hers was when she showed us the contents of her bag which according to her, the ‘what’s in my bag tag is a very popular video amongst beauty and fashion bloggers on youtube’. Corrie has probably done three or four of them now and we love them all. With every new handbag she buys, she films a new what’s in my bag tag video. Apparently it’s the beauty bloggers law dontcha know?

Check her blog out for more!

We’ve had a great response to this blog so far with many positive comments – but what do you think? Have you got a favourite beauty blog you want us to share or are you in fact a blogger? Let us know and we’d love to include in our blog!

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