So here it is, our latest round up of amazing bloggers compiling must-visit beauty blogs with top tips to help you stay fabulous!

Recommendation 1: A beauty junkie in London

This blog is lovingly written by Jen – a beauty junkie who, you guessed it, lives in London.

Jen says: “A beauty junkie in London started back in 2009 in a moment of boredom where I was hunting for a way to mix my passion for the world of beauty with my craving for a creative outlet.” – and Jen, we are so pleased for this blog.

With a good mix of product recommendations, beauty news, skincare and make up tips this is perfect for the beauty lover looking for the latest in the world of beauty and every blog is accompanied by photography which helps to bring the blog to life.

We particularly like her blogs about nail polishes and the latest colours, styles and recommended brands making us want to paint our nails right now. This blog is literally a one stop shop for the latest in beauty news!

Recommendation 2: top 5 beauty

Sally, 29 from Glasgow is the author behind this blog who’s favourite book and film is High Fidelity, and as they always ask ‘what’s your all time top 5…’ she thought it would be fun to start a beauty blog in the same vein!

This blog is definitely worth a visit if you love anything to do with fashion, beauty, makeup, hair, skincare oh and a little bit of celebrity thrown in.

We particularly love her blog about ‘Top 5 weird and wonderful celebrity beauty secrets’. Who’d have known that ‘Bird Poo Facials’ were so popular among the rich and famous!

Sally writes: “Bird poo facials (also called Geisha facials) are all the rage in tinsel town with celebrities including Victoria and David Beckham and Tom Cruise allegedly swearing by them.

“The ingredients for the facial include Nightingale Excrement, rice bran and water and apparently leave your skin feeling smooth and shiny. All well and good, but what about the smell!” – eew! – whatever next!?

Recommendation 3: Really Ree

Really Ree is born out of the authors love for fashion and beautiful things. And we absolutely love Really Ree!

Our favourite regular slot by Ree is ‘Face of the day’ in which Ree posts a daily pic of herself and what make up she is wearing and how she has styled her hair. She is such a fresh-faced natural beauty, you can’t help but think I want to look like that – and now you can, well, almost!

We’ve had a great response to this blog so far with many positive comments – but what do you think? Have you got a favourite beauty blog you want us to share or are you in fact a blogger? Let us know and we’d love to include in our blog!

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