So the feedback has been that you lot are loving this weekly slot – we are so pleased and boy do we love compiling it for you! It’s unbelievable how many fab blogs there are out there with beauty, fashion, skincare and lifestyle tips just waiting to be discovered. Here are this week’s top three, let us know what you think!

Recommendation 1: A Little Bird Told Me



So, let’s kick off with this blog brought to you from Jen, a lover of all things fashion, lifestyle and beauty.

We absolutely love this blog. Through Jen’s frank writing and insight into her life, you feel like she’s a good pal who just lives round the corner, sharing not only her beauty tips, but her life with you.

I especially loved her photographic journey titled ‘Growing out cropped hair, the epic journey’ which kicks off in 2009 through to present day. We’ve all had it haven’t we when we’ve gone to the hairdressers, had a drastic cut or colour and the next week we are bored which is exactly Jen’s predicament. Follow her journey through photos and humorous writing.

Recommendation 2: Hellcandy

Next up is Hellcandy, a UK Beauty blogger named Helen who has an extreme fondness for make up and perfecting the art of pampering oneself.

Aside from makeup, she loves shoes, berries, vintage clothes and has a westie – Helen can you be our best friend please?

In Helen’s own words: “The name “Hellcandy” came about one day when my friend and I were trying to come up with a suitable business name for our little jewellery line (it didn’t last long!). The name is a combination of our nicknames “Hell” for Helen, and “Candy” is my childhood name. Sorry if you were expecting something a bit more sinister!”

And, we just love her tips especially the ones for hair. Check out the blog about achieving K-Middy hair. Love Love Love.

Helen writes: “To start off with I roughly sectioned off my hair, pining half of it on top of my head, allowing me to get to the bottom row as such. To achieve a curl I begin my clamping my hair in the straighteners & immediately twist the GHDs away from my head, making a half turn motion with my wrist.


Recommendation 3: Just Nice Things



Our last recommendation this week is ‘Just Nice Things’ which is the lovingly written blog from Bessie mates Helen and Sheenie, who know a thing or two about nail polishes and lipsticks.

The girlies set up Just Nice Things in March 2009 because, in their own words “one of us has way too many bottles of nail lacquers and an English degree, and the other is a qualified journalist and make-up artist.

“Helen resides in Buckinghamshire and likes make-up (obviously), shoes and all nice things that make people happy and look nice and sparkly. She also has killer talons. Which might justify the nail varnish obsession.

“Helen rarely wears the same shade of nail varnish two days in a row, and would like to use this space to apologise for any lemmings created as a result of this site.

“Sheenie lives in London, drives a MINI, loves photography and bakes cheesecakes and cupcakes. She also has her own cookery blog ( featuring her infamous ‘Butter Chicken’ recipe and is terribly addicted to Twitter, which may encourage rants and a potty mouth.”

With everything from hottest nail polish shades, to collagen boosting face masks and tried and tested lotions and potions – SkinBase followers you guys have to check this out!

We’ve had a great response to this blog so far with many positive comments – but what do you think? Have you got a favourite beauty blog you want us to share or are you in fact a blogger? Let us know and we’d love to include in our blog!

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