You’ll know from our regularly updated blog posts that we love all things beauty, fashion, skincare and lifestyle and most of all – sharing our top tips with you lovely lot each week. But it’s not just us. There are some amazing bloggers out there doing the same and we want to share the love. We will be compiling our pick of the must-visit beauty blogs and some of their top tips for your pleasure and perusal – let us know what you think!

Recommendation 1: London Beauty Queen

beauty blogs

So, let’s start with one of our favs, London Beauty Queen or LBQ.

This blog has it all, from beauty top tips to regular posts on hair, body and skincare. We love LBQ’s recent post on ‘Picking the Best Foundation’ as this is something we’ve posted about in the past and know it can be tricky!

LBQ writes: “The objective of foundation is to create a uniform and even skin tone that looks like you’ve just woken up from the perfect slumber. A good foundation should not necessarily look like you’re wearing one – natural is key here, even when wearing heavier formulas that provide more coverage. No two tones are alike in women, so there’s no magic way of getting the perfect shade, it’s simply trial and error.”

She also dispels many common myths, putting the record straight. We’ve all been at many a cosmetic counter having new foundation tested on our jawlines but apparently this is a big no no because the skin on your neck is always in shadow. LBQ also helps you understand your skin’s undertone – which is key to picking the right foundation.

Recommendation 2: BLDG 25 Blog

beauty blogs

beauty blogs

We also love what they are doing over at BLDG 25 Blog. This group of young, fashionable and creative women take turns in posting fresh content about all the things they love the most, including fashion and beauty. Their posts are accompanied by cute as a button photography which makes it worth a gander for that alone.

We love the recent post on ‘Ways to make Lips Pinker’!

BLDG 25’s Jemma writes: “…recently the color of my lips has started to fade a little. I always love seeing pretty pink lips — they make you look healthy and glowing. I don’t like to wear lipstick, so this seemed like the best practice for me — but it only lasts for a short period of time and then it goes.”

Jemma shares two little tricks that you can do on a regular basis to make your lip color come out more and I have noticed the difference. One is to rub lemon juice onto your lips before bedtime to bring out their natural color. After you have applied the lemon juice wait for them to dry and then moisturize them. Do this just once a week as lemon juice can dry your lips out. The other involves rubbing beetroot on your lips.

We’d definitely recommend checking this blog out for more inspiration. We love it!

Recommendation 3: London Lipgloss

beauty blogs

beauty blogs

The last and final recommendation for this week is LondonLipGloss.

Simply put, the blog’s author Zoe is one cool chick bringing a good mix of alternative fashion and beauty tips with some of the more traditional. With her bright blue locks, pixie features and impeccable make-up – you can’t help but want to be her. We loved her recent post on ‘Easy Textured Loose Grunge Curls’. Her posts include cool and cute not pretentious selfies so you can see the finished product and how fab it looks – she makes it look effortless and sound so easy – we can dream! Check the blog out for more quirky tips!

Hope you enjoy the above blogs as much as we do, we look forward to bringing you more next week! Let us know if you have any beauty blog recommendations or if you’re actually a blogger who wants to be included, then get in touch!

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