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One-minute makeover tricks will help you change your look in an instant. Sometimes there’s the need to change things up a bit, but a complete overhaul or makeover just isn’t an option. A simple tweak here or there can be just what you need to update your appearance. Refresh your look with these easy one minute makeover tricks.

Change your lipstick

The lipstick you wear can really define your look. A classic red lip breeds confidence, a pink pout is fun and flirty, dark plum lips are dangerously glamorous, and a nude lip is fresh and fuss-free. Changing your lipstick is one of the easiest one minute makeover tricks. As well as the colour, you could try changing the type of lipstick. For example, if you usually wear heavy matte lipsticks, try a sheer formula or stain instead.

Darken your brows

Grooming your brows seems subtle enough but it can really make an impact. Strong brows can help frame your face and add more impact to your overall look. Brush them up and out to create shape and then fill them in one or two shades darker than your natural hair colour.

Flip your part

Changing where you part your hair is another way to get that makeover feel in seconds. It seems simple enough, but if you’ve ever tried flipping your part then you know how much of a difference it can make. If you part it to one side, try flipping it to the other side or going with a clean part straight down the middle.

Accessorise your ‘do’

Intricate, statement-making hairdos often take more than one minute to achieve. You can give your ordinary hairdo a quick and easy makeover with some hair accessories. Things like headbands, barrettes, and ribbons can all be used to update your hairdo in simple and stylish ways.

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