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Following beauty tips from grandma can not only save you a fortune, but simplify your routine considerably. Our grandmothers had limited products to choose from, and often made their own as well. This is a good option if you’re worried about allergies or exposing your skin to chemicals. So try out these fab beauty tips from grandma …

Rag curls

One of the simplest beauty tips from grandma is how to get gorgeous curls. You don’t need to damage your hair with curling tongs or perms (yes, people do still choose this option). Instead, cut some fabric into strips and roll your hair up. Sleep in the rags overnight and you’ll have beautiful curls in the morning!

Satin pillowcase

Do you have a problem with flyaway hair? Sleeping on cotton pillowcases can cause static or friction. Grandma’s preference was for silk or satin. Choosing this kind of fabric is also believed by some to reduce the development of wrinkles, and help avoid allergies.

Hand treatment

Are you tired of buying moisturisers full of chemical nasties? Sometimes the simplest products are the best. To make a hand cream like Grandma used to use, all you need is three simple ingredients. Mix half a cup of rosewater, half a cup of glycerine, and a quarter cup of witch hazel, and you’ll have a lovely basic treatment that will leave your hands soft.

Simple products

Our grandmothers didn’t have the arsenal of beauty products that are on our shelves today. So take a tip from them, and keep your beauty routine simple. Use a basic cleanser like Ponds Cold Cream (still popular after decades), and rosewater if you need a toner. Finish off with a basic moisturiser.

Olive oil

Olive oil isn’t just for cooking – it can be used for a variety of beauty purposes as well. It’s full of antioxidants that will help protect your skin against pollution and skin damage. You can use it on your face and body, and it works well to condition cuticles. You can also use it on your hair.

Eye tips

Are you plagued by dark circles under your eyes? Grandma has a few simple tricks to get rid of them. Either try a mixture of tomato and lemon juice, or slices of raw potato. Puffy eyes can be dealt with by using slices of cucumber or chilled tea bags.


Grandma didn’t have all the sodas we have today, and she certainly never drank too much alcohol! Instead she drank plenty of water, which is one of the best and simplest beauty tips. Another way she incorporated water into her beauty regime was to splash her face with cold water to tone it up.

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