Are you looking for ways to get thicker, longer and sexier eyelashes? Then you’ve got to read this article because we are taking you through some easy steps to help you care for your eyelashes and help them grow faster, stronger and thicker!

Choose your mascara wisely

I love it when I give my eyelashes a boost with mascara; don’t we all? But why not apply mascara that will curl and boost your lashes while stimulating their growth? There are a lot of mascaras on the market that contain vitamins and minerals that help eyelashes grow.

Be kind and gentle

Treat your eyelashes kindly – after all, they are one of your most important assets. Avoid rubbing your eyes by all means because this can lead to pulling and breaking your lashes. If they feel itchy then try to pat them gently with your finger. You also need to avoid using eyelashes curlers too often because using those curlers frequently will lead your eyelashes to break and fall out. We don’t want that!

Eat the right foods

Well I know it sounds like a cliché, but seriously your choice of food affects your eyelashes just like your hair and the rest of your body. If your body does not get its needs from vitamins and minerals, your eyelashes will end up growing slower and thinner. Drink plenty of water and try to add to your diet healthy food that is rich with proteins, vitamin C, E, H and B complex. These vitamins work wonders to hair and eyelashes.

Eyelashes need moisture too

I know all of us are familiar with moisturising our bodies but very few are familiar with moisturising their eyelashes.

Moisturising your eyelashes can prevent them from breakage and help them grow faster and stronger, and is one of my best tips on how to care for eyelashes. Vaseline brand petroleum jelly is an amazing way to condition eyelashes, especially dry and brittle ones. The extra conditioning elements of the Vaseline make a noticeable difference allowing eyelashes to grow longer.

You can also use natural oils like castor or sweet almond oil. You can even make a mixture of both and apply it to your eyelashes every night using an old mascara brush; just make sure you clean it well first.

Say no to falsies

False eyelashes make your eyes stand out and give them a more dramatic look, however, they can do more harm than good to your own eyelashes cause sometimes the glue contains chemicals that may cause irritation or adverse reaction to your eye lids or lashes. Try to save them for big events only. Remember! Wrong application or removal of these falsies may end up removing your own eyelashes as well… Ouch!

Don’t sleep with eye makeup on

Before you hit the bed, make sure you remove all of your make up. For eyes it’s always better to remove the make up using an eye make up remover. Your choice of the eye make up remover is extremely important. You want something light and alcohol free to avoid drying out your eyelashes. It’s also good to use soft cotton pads to remove your eye make up in gentle, one-direction moves.

Always keep in mind that to achieve visible results you need to follow the same routine for about 4 to 8 weeks.

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