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not feeling the love

Not feeling it today? Here are a few alternative ideas

As a company, we are in the business of using Valentine’s Day for marketing purposes but you know, we’ve all been there, on our own, sick of the sight of lovey gifts everywhere and mushy facebook posts dedicated to someone we couldn’t live without, so here are a few alternative ideas to get you through the day;

Do nothing 

That’s right, don’t fall for this marketing ploy. Do absolutely nothing. Don’t even give it the time of day. This applies even if you are in a couple. Why do we have to do anything on Valentine’s Day? Stay at home and book to do something next week when you might get a table and it will probably be cheaper too! 

Throw a party

Gather up your squad and have a night in with a few drinks, some snacks and a game or two. Remind yourselves why friends are an equally important part of our lives (and there long after you ghost the latest POF disaster). 

Take advantage of a quiet night out

The gym, the pool, the climbing wall, we reckon those loved up couples won’t be taking up space here tonight? You never know who you might find while you are there too (only if you are looking of course).

But you know what we recommend most of all? Some pampering, because we all deserve a bit of that. Here’s our favourite for a quick, pick me up that will leave your skin glowing:

The SkinBase Facial

Our signature facial is a crowd pleaser, male or female, young or old, this facial delivers. Acne? Scarring? Blackheads? Fine lines? Yep, you guessed it, it can help with all these skin concerns. The SkinBase Facial uses a stream of tiny crystals to exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin, unblocking pores and stimulating a healing response that floods the skin with collagen for a rejuvenated and glowing complexion. Find out more about what microdermabrasion can do here.

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