Simple steps to coping with acne scarring and avoiding acne & breakouts

We keep coming back to this subject because it’s one of the most common questions people our SkinBase therapists are asked: How can I treat acne scarring and in future prevent, acne? Everyone wants to look and feel great, but acne is definitely something which can make all of us think twice about how we look (even the most confident amongst us!)

Lots of articles only talk about acne in its worse case scenario, but its important to understand that mild acne (that’s spots to you and I!) can be just as debilitating for our confidence and attractiveness levels.

Also, forget associating acne simply with teenagers, it happens right through our 20’s and often into our later years too (yes, completely unfair.)

So what can you do about it now? You’ve picked, squeezed and pretty much done everything you shouldn’t have done and now you’re left with raised patches, known to the professionals as ‘acne scarring’. It’s not pretty, but lets be practical – there’s ABSOLUTELY something that can be done about it. You don’t have to live with it, you don’t have to ‘deal with it’, you just have to GET SOMETHING DONE.

Use medication.

If you are suffering from regular acne breakouts and the regular acne treatments you find at the local drug store not helping then you will want to consider seeking medical advice. Doctors will be able to assess your acne condition and prescribe suitable acne medication ranging from topical solutions to anti-bacterial drugs. Doctors can also refer you to a dermatologist which can work with you to prevent acne breakouts.

Get microdermabrasion.

Call and get some treatments booked in today. It’s not a marketing ploy or a sales pitch, microdermabrasion has been PROVEN to help with acne and acne scar reducing. Forming the elastin the skin so desperately needs to return to its smooth self.

Start a fab skincare routine.

No a cleanser is not soap. Soap can dry and irritate the skin, which can lead to breakouts which you hardly want. Gentle is the keyword here so use a gentle cleanser twice daily without scrubbing or hard rubbing. A good cleaning routine can help keep your pores clear and clean. If you think that cleaning your face more often will mean it will be cleaner your wrong. Cleaning your face too often can cause more irritation and breakouts so be patient if you are currently facing a breakout as more cleaning won’t clear your skin quicker. When washing your face it is a good idea to use warm water to rinse.

Use sun protection at all times.

With the use of medication and microdermabrasion you’re going to be much more susceptible to the sun. Your skin will be clean and stripped of its tough top layers so it’s IMPERATIVE that you please, please, please use a high factor sunscreen. Everyday, regardless of whether the sun is shining or not.

Exercise regularly.

You should be trying to exercise regularly each week anyway for overall health and vitality but exercise can also assist with reducing your acne breakouts. Exercise has long been known to help reduce stress and anxiety and this will help reduce acne as one of the causes can often be due to heightened stress levels. Exercising also serves to help cleanse your pores through sweating but you need ensure that you wipe of excess sweat and try to have a shower after strenuous exercise – and…GO!

And in future:

Please don’t squeeze!

You’ve certainly heard this a million times before, but popping, pinching and squeezing your spots will make them lots worse. You’re basically passing the bacteria from one part of your face to another, plus you’re running the risk of leaving a scar there too. .

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