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Naughty bad habits that damage your skin

Naughty bad habits that damage your skin…

Bad habits that damage skin

There are some habits to consider that could be damaging your skin including not drinking enough water, using bad soap and your sleeping position, but who knew that chewing gum could be damaging your skin? Here are some bad habits that damage skin and you may not even be aware of it…

Dirty pillowcase

Like the rest of our organs, our skin rebuilds and replenishes itself when we sleep so old skin cells are shed and new ones are produced. And those old skin cells end up on our pillowcases. Over time, this can lead to breakouts and unhealthy skin. Make sure you have fresh sheets and exfoliate before bedtime to help the old skin cells come off.

Not taking your makeup off

We’ve all done it, but boy oh boy we shouldn’t! Heavy eye makeup can cause wrinkles and infections around the eyes so whatever you do, take it off girlies!

Chewing gum

Weird right? We rely on gum to take away our nasty breath, but some experts actually say that it can be doing your skin damage. The idea behind this theory is that since the muscles in our face are doing the same motion, that they will create those unwanted lines around your mouth. I think I’ll be reaching for the mints next time instead!

Long hot showers

We all love a long hot shower, especially as the winter nights are drawing in, but we shouldn’t. The heat on your skin for a long period of time can actually get rid of all the good oils in your skin, drying your skin out and making it itchy. Skin needs that natural oil protection to keep us looking fresh and keep those wrinkles away.


In the modern world, many of us suffer stress and anxiety which in turn will ruin your skin. Stress ages your skin by weakening your immune system and is obviously bad for your overall well-being. Do things that help prevent stress, like yoga or something that you find is relaxing.


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