Our recommendation for must read beauty blog this week is brought to you by Ruth Crilly, a fashion model, writer and beauty insider.

She is currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Royal Holloway and so it makes sense that she has turned her hand to writing a beauty blog! And we love it!! We normally tell you about beauty focused blogs, but we particularly love Ruth’s blogs about health and diet – hey if it’s good enough for a International supermodel it’s good enough for us!

Ruth recommends five little diet changes to make us more healthy and help maintain weight. Read on for some inspiration!


I have stopped drinking cow’s milk as a direct result of my milk/acne discovery. You can read more about that here. Rest assured that I am getting all the calcium I could possibly need from the other sources – cheese, yoghurt, sardines, etc etc. A few people on Youtube blew their tops and had a total sh*tfit when I said that I wasn’t drinking milk – it was like I’d said that I was ripping the heads from baby lambs! Anyway, my skin is now perfectly clear apart from the times when I simply can’t resist a scoop of fine ice cream or a big plate of burrata or mozzarella buffala. (We all have our weaknesses, judge me not.) On the odd occasion that I need milk-ish liquids (ie, for porridge) I use almond or hazlenut milk. Don’t like soy and I’m not convinced that it’s the best substitute…


I have given up Diet Coke. After quite a long and hard struggle, actually. Boy was I properly addicted to that stuff! I’m not sure that all that fizz and brown water was doing my tummy or brain any good, though, and I do feel much better now. I have replaced with luxurious, tall glasses of cordial and water (sometimes sparkling) with heaps of ice. MyVirgin Pure Water Bar that I was sent to trial last year is an absolute life-saver for the Diet Coke cold-turkey – lots of herbal teas and clear, cool water at the touch of a button.


Dried fruits instead of sweeties – people pointed out on Youtube that the apricots I have are sugary and have dye in them… Blimey. These are small changes, I am not professing to be a monk. Though finding them undyed is better, even if they don’t taste as nice… Dates! Dates are amazing – medjool ones especially. Seek them out and eat them – they are like sticky toffee pudding in a mouthful!


I have tried to cut down a little on refined carbs, especially white pasta and bread – I try to replace these with lentils or chickpeas or quinoa a couple of times a week. Not a huge change, but every little helps! I do love a chickpea curry with a dollop of Total Greek Yoghurt – no bread or rice needed!


When I do eat bread, I try to make it in the breadmaker. Actually, it’s Mr AMR’s job to make the bread and he has been a bit slack as of late – I must crack the whip! Homemade bread in a machine takes about five minutes of your time, three hours in the machine. Just a few ingredients thrown into the mixer, compared to the dozens that are in shop-bought, long-lasting bread.

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