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We love Millie. We have included her in our blogs in the past and it’s not hard to see why. She has flawless skin and although is a bit of a party girl, really looks after herself. So it’s only fair that she should share her tips with us! These will help your skin look its best Christmas and beyond! Enjoy!

“Skincare is just as important to me as glitz and glamour over Christmas. As you know, I always stress the importance of a good daily skincare regime and with the season of celebration fast approaching it is more important than ever!!

“Here are my top 5 Christmas skincare tips to ensure your complexion is glowing and gorgeous this year!”

Treat skin

Whilst we over indulge food-wise, we often forget to indulge our skin when it most needs it. This week I will be making sure I do a really nourishing Face Mask twice a week until Christmas. Look for a face mask that uses Manuka Honey which is ultra hydrating (perfect as the cold weather sets in) and a real treat for skin. The Manuka Honey nourishes my face and after 30 minutes, I wash it off to reveal a bright, smooth complexion.

Banish breakouts

Late night festive parties can cause breakouts and no girl wants spots over Christmas. Cleansing is absolutely key for clear skin. The Manuka Doctor ApiClear range uses Purified Bee Venom which has antibacterial properties and works to combat problem skin.

Prep the skin for parties

When you know you are off out for the evening, make sure your skin is ready! Apply a good primer under your makeup which minimises pores, evens the complexion and does so instantly so my makeup looks fresh when I apply it.

Utilise instant products

Instant pick me up products are an absolute must over the festive season. I would recommend trying the Manuka Doctor ApiRefine Radiance Serum (£17.99) for a skin boost. I actually mix this with my Charlotte Tilbury foundation to ensure my skin is luminous and glowing throughout the night

FINALLY…. Drink lots of water!!

I am always banging on about how important drinking plenty of water is but it is especially important in winter and during the festive season… I keep a litre bottle with me at all times. You won’t believe the difference it makes!

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