Microdermabrasion – the answer to ageing skin

Hands up if you’ve tried pretty much every new anti ageing treatment on the market? Guilty as charged? Well, you aren’t the only one searching for the answer to younger looking skin and a way to banish wrinkles. The cosmetic beauty industry is so HUGE now it’s becoming increasing tough to keep up with all the new skin care treatments. Slathering on layers of creams and working your way completely baffled through the aisles at your local chemist…

Ergh. We don’t know about you, but we just love an anti ageing treatment that actually works. We want something that has been proven to work, and the very testament of its powers shown up on the fresh faces we see on the catwalk and TV screens everyday…

Celebrities use microdermabrasion, models swear by it, and us mere mortals can rely on it to see a beautiful change to our skin – leaving us looking and feeling younger.

As SkinBase becomes increasingly popular, we’ve had feedback from all our wonderful salon owners, beauty therapists and most importantly YOU, the client as to just how effective Microdermabrasion is as an anti ageing treatment.

We know it seems obvious, but really the very best thing you can do for your skin is have a proper microdermabrasion facial. Not only can you enjoy a 30 -40 minute relax (I’m sure you agree we don’t do enough of that anymore!) you also know that you’ve got a professional on your side when it comes to EFFECTIVE anti ageing skin care treatments.

The very reason microdermabrasion techniques were initially used was for anti ageing. Unlike the beauty company creams, microdermabrasion works quite simply by blasting away old skin cells and reinvigorating new skin cells – increasing collagen and elastin in your skin and leaving you with an instantly plumper, brighter complexion (with minimised wrinkles and fine lines).

We all want younger looking skin, and there’s no hard sell, because every single person who has tried the SkinBase microdermabrasion facial has been delighted with the results. Our most recent journalist reviewer booked herself on the remaining 8-week course as soon as the treatment had finished, and another claimed the instant results were ‘really quite incredible’.

So what have you got to lose? Save your pennies and spend your beauty budget on a SkinBase facial this month – after all, it’s now spring and the best look is minimal make up, sun-kissed skin and bare faced beauty and this is the way to get it!

Stay beautiful and book in for your SkinBase microdermabrasion treatment by finding your nearest therapist here x

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