I love wearing red lipstick although sometimes after I’ve finished doing my makeup I can feel just that little bit ‘OTT’. To get the right look to go with red lipstick, it can take a little trial and effort. As a general rule, I find that played down eye makeup works best, but here are some other tips to help you nail that red lipstick look!

Au naturale

Finding the right eye makeup for red lips can be difficult, if you aren’t sure exactly what look you are going for! The natural look is super easy and it actually draws all of the attention to your lips, which is where you want the attention. Just a curl of your eyelashes, some mascara and even some light eye shadow can go a really long way – and look completely natural!

The classic red lip

If you are looking to pull off a classic look with a red lip, you’ve got to make sure that your eyes are neutral. A little bit of shimmer is definitely recommended, but stay away from the glitter, girls. Also, adding a touch of darker mascara is a great way to ensure that your eyes really pop!

The lady is a vamp

If you’re looking for a look that is totally sexy and really draws all kinds of attention to your lips, this is the look for you! Red lipstick goes great with smoky eyes, as long as they are done right — and not overdone. Do something dark, like dark brown or gray and pair it with a bit of smudged liner. This will really be dramatic yet not over the top!

The beach babe look

Now, you’re probably wondering why you would wear red lipstick to the beach, but truthfully, I wear full makeup to the beach all the time! If you’re like me, why not ditch almost all of the eye makeup and just go with some lengthening mascara and your red lips. Don’t forget the sunscreen too!

The sexy siren

If you’re looking to go a little sexier with your red lips, why not go with some thicker eyeliner lines. Black mascara, black eyeliner and even some soft shimmer can really draw attention to not just your lips, but your eyes too. Also, add a shine to those red lips and really make them stand out!

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