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The art behind makeup is one that has always intrigued me and after learning several makeup tricks that models use, now I know how easy it is to create a dramatic, exotic look at home. Models know the key to a good makeup routine doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and you only need a few little pointers to get you started. Check out some of the best makeup tricks that models use and try them for yourself.

Use concealer

One of the most important makeup tricks that models use is they know how to use concealer properly. Not only is concealer a great weapon against dark circles, but it also makes a great base to keep your eyeshadow in place. Use concealer on your eyelids to help eyeshadow stay in tact, and use it under your nose and above your lips to take away shadows and lines. Use powder over concealer as normal.

Use bronzer

I love using bronzer and found the trick to making it look great is to only use it on your cheekbones as you would blush, and maybe just a tad bit on your nose and a little on your forehead lightly. You don’t want to cake bronzer on. When I first started modeling, I made the mistake of using it all over and found out that created a fake look and overall unappealing skin tone. Using it in the right spots creates contouring and that dramatic, sexy side profile.

Highlighting powder

One of my favorite tricks for creating a really beautiful look to my makeup routine is to use a highlighting powder before I add on bronzer or powder. I like Bonnebell brand’s Blend and Glow, which comes in a nice shimmering tone. Underneath the rest of your makeup, it really helps the skin to pop and creates a natural glow to the skin. It also makes a great eyeshadow base.

Create a crease

When doing your eyeshadow, I learned the key to making your eyes looker larger and more natural is to use a light coloured base such as light pink or beige, and then use a darker colour, just in the crease of your eye. Be sure to use colours that complement your skin and blend well together.

Use natural lipstick

Forget those bright reds and unnatural hues. The key to a model’s makeup routine is using natural colour. If you need to visit a makeup counter to find out which colour that is, feel free. My personal trick is to go for peachy or light pink shades that also have natural shine. I prefer using a natural colour lipstick and using a natural pink or peachy lip gloss over it.

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