Cellulite is quite often a word that fills many of us with dread. But did you know that everyone has cellulite, it’s just that it can be more obvious on some women, in comparison to others. While there is not really any way to get rid of it, there are measures you can take to help minimise its appearance from healthy eating and drinking more water to simply moving more. In this blog, we will explore some of the key facts about cellulite to help our followers better understand it and also consider what can be done to improve its appearance.

It’s normal and not a disease

First things first, we all need to calm down! Cellulite isn’t harmful and can’t affect your health and most certainly is NOT a disease. If that’s not the most comforting of these facts about cellulite, I don’t know what is! Having cellulite is perfectly normal, and other than disliking how it looks, it won’t harm you in any way.

Moving more can help

Exercising on a regular basis can really help to keep the dreaded cellulite at bay, as well as the double bonus of keeping your body looking and feeling great. Sometimes, even women who are slim and at a healthy weight will develop cellulite if they are not active enough and getting the good old circulation going! So aim to get out and about a bit more, take a walk at lunch to stretch your legs or join a gym class – anything to add a bit more activity to your daily routine.

Women of all shapes and sizes can have cellulite

Many people assume that it’s only women who are overweight that get cellulite, but thin women can also have it. However, overweight women are more likely to notice it to a greater degree because visceral fat pushes cellulite against your skin, giving it that dreaded lumpy appearance. While losing weight won’t completely rid the body of cellulite, it will help it to appear less obvious.

Genetics can be a factor

If your mum is prone to cellulite, chances are you will be too. This is due to specific genes which are responsible for the development and degree of cellulite, so unfortunately, it can often be passed down through the generations.

Healthy eating can help

Women who eat a poor diet or don’t drink enough H20 are more likely to have cellulite. The body requires an adequate intake of fluid and a number of nutrients to keep the skin looking its best and to help keep your weight healthy. By kicking junk food to the curb (minus the odd treat day, of course!) and sticking to a nutritious meal plan, you can effectively minimise the development of cellulite as well as its appearance on your body.

Also, eating a largely clean, alkaline diet will have a big impact when it comes to diet. Minimise the appearance of cellulite by eating alkaline foods so you attract acidic and toxic substances in your body and remove them. Fresh fruits and vegetables are alkaline foods and should make up the majority of what’s in your daily meals!

Seaweed bath

This is one tip we will all enjoy, taking a nice hot, relaxing bath! Taking a bath has many mental and physical health benefits but it can also help us out with the appearance of cellulite. Win win! Seaweed baths have been used in the Mediterranean for many years to help fight cellulite, so try adding four sheets of seaweed to your bath once a week and you’ll notice an improvement in no time!


We say it a lot here at SkinBase but drink more water! Upping the H20 levels has a massive range of benefits and is absolutely vital for optimal health, beauty and glowing skin. Our bodies need water to help decompose fat cells and eliminate toxins – without enough water, the body will hold onto those toxins and cellulite will be worse and appear more obvious. Make water your number one drink of choice and drink other drinks sparingly to naturally help your body strengthen the collagen in your skin, thereby making your skin lots less lumpy!

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