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Holiday season is upon us and we all want to look our best and feel fresh upon arriving in our chosen destination. But, what with waking early, a few celebratory drinks at the airport, plane food and treats (obligatory toblerone anyone!?), we can often end up feeling and looking exhausted with our skin parched and dark circles more exaggerated.

Soooo, if you’re lucky enough to have a holiday coming up, you might find our top tips on looking and feeling fresh as a daisy upon reaching your destination helpful. Enjoy!

1.) Time for a boost when catching early morning flights

5am start? No problem! Eye drops will help to revitalise your sleepy eyes, and to give yourself a nutritious start to the day (before ruining it all on your jollies!), porridge topped with lots of berries or banana will give you lasting energy.

2.) Comfy and cosy is best when flying

Want to reduce jet-lag? Then I can’t recommend getting the right clothing enough! Loose, non-skin pinching clothes and comfy shoes are best. Research has shown that cashmere is the perfect material to travel in. But, if you’re like the majority of us and have a bank balance to contend with (especially with all those amazing bikinis you’ve splashed out on!) then a stylish t-shirt and leggings teamed with a thick pashmina to cosy up into should the temperature drop is just as good! Tight waistbands and pointy shoes are a no-no.

3.) Keep clear skin

If you’re flying, I would recommend avoiding makeup. Not only will it clog your pores, but you’ll discover that your skin will dry out faster than you ever thought possible. Instead, put the foundation and powder down and layer moisturiser on face and hands constantly. If you are craving some coverage then tinted moisturiser is better and apply your mascara and lipstick/gloss just before you arrive. Why not try a SkinBase Facial before heading on holiday and it will leave you feeling clear skinned and fresh faced (just remember that SPF!).

4.) Beauty zzzzz

If you can’t do without your eight-hours, eye masks are the perfect invention and the best thing is you can get hundreds of gorgeous designs to completely block out sunlight. Earplugs or some decent headphones and music are also a worthy investment if you find yourself stuck near to a stag or hen party!

5.) Socks on!

Flight socks (a.k.a. compression stockings) help prevent swelling and reduce the risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

6.) Happy hydration = Happy holiday!

Sip lots of water – cabin air in planes is drier than the Sahara – and you may not feel like it but avoid alcohol on planes (read our previous blog called The Truth about Beauty and the Booze if you need any more convincing!).

7.) Healthy snacking

Snack! Try to avoid the high in salt sandwiches, crisps and sugary offering at the airport or rail station – take grapes, dried fruit and delicious smoothies to keep you energised.

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