If you’re lucky enough to have a holiday coming up, then these beauty tips will help you to look and feel your best when arriving at the chosen destination. While we want to look fresh as we embark on our holiday, it can sometimes be tricky with waking up at the crack of dawn to catch the early flight, drinks at the airport to kick start the holiday, plane food and general indulgence. So follow these tips to help prevent dark circles, exhaustion and dehydration and you’ll start your holiday as you mean to go on, looking and feeling fresh as a daisy. Enjoy!

Boost your energy before an early morning flight

Thanks to the invention of eye drops which will help to revitalise tired peepers, you can laugh in the face of a 5am start. And, to help give yourself a nutritious start and much needed energy boost, (before ruining it all on your jollies!), try having a bowl of porridge topped with a banana or lots of berries which will give you lasting energy.

Pick the right outfit for maximum comfort when flying

Getting the clothing right for a flight is crucial as there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable when flying.Tight waistbands and pointy shoes are a BIG no-no, and instead, loose, non-skin pinching clothes and comfy shoes should be worn. Previous research suggests that cashmere is the best material to travel in, however, if you’re bank balance won’t stretch that far (especially with all those amazing bikinis you’ve splashed out on!) then leggings and a lightweight top teamed with a thick pashmina to cosy up into, incase the plane gets chilly, is just the ticket! 

Don’t let skin suffer

Wearing makeup while flying isn’t recommended and should be avoided. Makeup will not only clog your pores, but it will also dry your skin out much faster. When flying, moisturiser is a god-send and should be applied to your face and hands liberally and as often as needed. Totally understand that many of you will want to wear makeup of some kind, so if you need some coverage, try tinted moisturiser and apply your mascara and lipstick/gloss just before you arrive. If daring to bare fills you full of dread (believe me, you’re not alone!) why not try a SkinBase Facial before heading on holiday and it will leave you feeling clear skinned and fresh faced (just remember that SPF!). 

Catch up on your beauty sleep

If you’re like me and can’t do without the recommended eight-hours sleep, it’s worth investing in an eye mask to block out sunlight and help encourage sleep. The best thing is that there are hundreds of gorgeous designs available to buy. Decent headphones or earplugs are also a great idea, especially if you end up sat next to a large group who are noisy.

Reduce swelling with flight socks

Flight socks (a.k.a. compression stockings) help prevent swelling and reduce the risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). These might be worth investing in, especially if you are flying long-haul or have circulatory problems. Speak to your doctor if in doubt.

Water is your best friend

The air available in planes is incredibly dry and can wreak havoc with our skin as a result. Therefore, it’s really important that you ensure you’re getting enough water before, during and after flying and go easy on the alcohol. If you can’t avoid it altogether, just ensure that you are drinking more than enough water to counteract the effects of the alcohol, after all – you don’t want to be arriving at your destination with a headache.

Healthy snacking

Snack! Try to avoid the high in salt sandwiches, crisps and sugary offering at the airport or rail station – take grapes, dried fruit and delicious smoothies to keep your body and mind energised.
Start your pre-holiday beauty routine now and book in with a SkinBase therapist now to help your skin looking amazing.
All that’s left to say now is hope those of you jetting off this summer have an amazing time!

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