London Magazine Editor -SkinBase is “Really quite incredible”

Editor of Luxury Guide ‘The London Magazine’ Olivia Skinbase reviewed the SkinBase Facial this week, resulting in an amazing outcome… See what she had to say about her treatment and the incredible instant results she saw – we guarentee you’ll be pretty amazed. Read more…

Microdermabrasion reviews:

Editor of Luxury Guide ‘The London Magazine’ Olivia reviews the SkinBase Facial:

What: SkinBase Microdermabrasion, The latest ‘lunch break’ facial to sweep London

Who: The SkinBase campaign is fronted by 90s ladette to lady, Zoe Ball but developed (thankfully) by scientists.

Why: Promising to pummel unruly skin into submission, as well as effectively treat acne scars, open pored and fine lines, this facial sounds like something special. After a consultation with a therapist, a fine jet of abrasive crystals is applied with a wand, gently removing dead skin cells layer by layer, while a vacuum action lifts away the debris. It’s certainly not uncomfortable although ladies-what-spa might find it on the rough and ready side. A relaxation treatment this is not (although it’s always nice to lie down for 40 minutes). The crystals are worked over the entire face (eye area excepting), stimulating blood flow to the skin and encouraging collagen and elastin formation.

Unlike traditional facials that layer product over product, this one actually strips away the worn layers of skin so that your fresher skin is revealed and creams and potions can penetrate further. After a 30-minute treatment my skin was a little pink, but incredibly soft. Any swelling was hardly visible and I was ready to get back to the office. The next day, my face was taut and smooth, and any fine lines had either retreated to some deeper level where they couldn’t be zapped, or they had actually been erased. Quite incredible. This was the first treatment, and SkinBase recommends a course of up to eight. I signed up the next week.

How much: It varies from salon to salon, but around £40 for an individual treatment and £99 for a course of three.

Would you go back? I’ve already paid in full.

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