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Our skin is the largest organ so it’s not surprising that if something isn’t quite right on the inside, it’s going to show in our skin. We’ve pulled together some possible clues on what your skin is trying to tell you and how to listen to your body’s advice!

Skin that is dry and dull

Omega-3 fatty acids are responsible for doing all sorts of great things for our bodies and if you experience dry and dull skin, you’re likely to not be getting enough of these beauties. Omega-3 also serves to strengthen and regulate cell membrane turnover, which helps skin stay hydrated and glowing so stock up on oily fish and other Omega-3 rich foods to make sure you’re getting the goodness you need.

I bruise easily

Do you easily bruise or does your skin take longer to heal wounds? If you answered yes to either of these questions, your skin is trying to tell you something and one possibility is that your body is lacking vitamin C. There are other symptoms of vitamin C deficiency like dry skin and hair, weight loss and fatigue, but don’t be so quick to self-diagnose.

Tired and puffy eyes

Just like some of the other telltale clues of what your skin is telling you, puffy eyes can be a result of stress, long nights or it could be caused by a lack of circulation and blockage in the lymphatic flow. Our lymph system filters out waste and is vital to our immune system so it’s essential to keep these channels flowing. You can help your lymph system out by exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet or giving your face a nice lymph draining face massage!


If you have acne, this could be due to a number of different reasons including imbalances in the body. Acne could also be a skin sign of preventable things as well; like a side effect of your prescriptions, dirty makeup brushes or using a dirty cell phone. While acne is commonly a result of genetics or hormones, don’t dismiss the fact that things in your everyday routine can be wreaking havoc on your skin!

Broken capillaries

The next skin sign to look out for is blotchiness or broken capillaries. If you notice either of these two skin signs on your cheeks, it can due to alcohol, temperature extremes or even spicy food! One of the best ways to take care of these menaces is to be proactive and include anti-inflammatory oils in your diet like flaxseed and walnut oil and moisturise your skin regularly!

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