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We’ve all been there, focusing in on one of the traits we don’t like rather than those we do. Having this will leave you nothing but stressed every time you look in the mirror so I’ve got an idea – why not start embracing your personal flaws. These are some common flaws that women tend to dislike, but each so-called “flaw” has so many perks that people don’t realise.


I’ve said it before, I’ve been an owner of freckles from a very young age and I absolutely love them so it’s hard for me to understand why so many people don’t like them! I know girls who layer on make up just in an attempt to hide their freckles. But I think freckles are adorable and make you unique. So stop covering up those freckles and flaunt them!

Pale skin

Everyone has personal flaws to embrace and pale skin is certainly one of them. Tired of people commenting on how pale you are? Well, embracing your pale skin will be one of the best things you do. You can use more dramatic make up, wear colours that tanned people can’t, and have a more glamorous and vintage look – not to mention protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Looking at some of fashion’s favourite icons, many of them had a paler side including Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly were all fabulous women who looked fabulous with pale skin.

Small chest

Sometimes, the things you consider personal flaws make other people envious. Take girls with boobs that are on the smaller side. They don’t have to wear a bra with some shirts, they can wear a wider variety of tops and dresses, and they don’t have to double up on sports bras when they run. So to all those girls out there who want larger boobs, wrap your arms around yourself and hug your small boobies. They have more advantages than you would think.

Thick eyebrows

Put down those tweezers, ladies! Thick eyebrows are yet another personal flaw to embrace, because they are such a fashionable trend this season. They are bold, defined, and draw attention to your gorgeous eyes. With a simple bit of maintenance and some eyebrow gel to keep them in place, you’ll be ready to take on the world with that daring stare.

Curly hair

I’ve seen girls who have battled with their curly hair for years. They turn to treatment after product after treatment, trying to get straight, shiny locks. But I always wondered why they didn’t just embrace their curly hair. It is so unique and really gives them a natural look. Use a de-frizzing scrunching spray or mousse to smooth your hair while keeping those curls that make you so special.

Curvy hips

I don’t know what happened to society but curvy hips used to be considered the epitome of what a women was. They are a natural sign of fertility and give you that hourglass figure that boys drool over. Don’t hide your hips, flaunt them! So wear those hip hugging skirts and dresses and work it girl!!

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