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In the past few years, the attention men are paying to their skin and looks has escalated more than anyone ever thought it would. It’s interesting to note that men from different cultures have a varying degree of embarrassment when they’re seen to be popping into a salon for Botox, fillers or non invasive procedures such as facials. Botox was used 336,834 times by American men in 2010, up 9% from 2009. In Paris, men accompany their wives to beauty salons, UK men sidle in alone. A British dermatologist, George Roman notes that it’s not just that men want to look beautiful; more that they want to appear fresher and less worried.

It was once the case that when you looked out into a beauty salon or clinic, the faces staring back at you would be 20 something girls, young female professionals, busy working mothers and time short career women. But alas no longer, with waiting rooms filling up with businessmen from Paris and London – looking to smooth out lines and wrinkles, get a precise beard trim or perhaps enjoy a soothing massage.

And why not? For years, women have frozen their foreheads with botox, enjoyed pampering facials, hair cuts, colours and thousands of other beautifying techniques all in the name of anti-ageing and looking and feeling their best. According to Mintel market research, from 2005 – 2010, the sales of male beauty products grew by 8% in Germany, Britain, Spain and Italy and it’s predicted that this market will continue at an astounding rate – up another 8% by 2014. Although men (annoyingly) appear to age in a much more refined way than women, they suffer from the same fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring as us – so why do we have trouble accepting their interest in looking so good?

Should men be berated for wanting to indulge in some beauty treatments of their own to rid themselves of fine lines and deep wrinkles? Perhaps it’s our attitudes that need to change, with women expecting their men to look after themselves through healthy eating and exercise but retaining a certain inability to accept they may want to go explore an industry that has been dominated by females for so long. Why the worry? Are we frightened they’ll steal our beauty secrets or whisk away the expensive eye creams on our dresser or perhaps we can’t bear that they might leave us for a younger model once they are blessed with their youthful look once more?

It’s time to ask ourselves whether most men wouldn’t be seen dead in a beauty salon because of what their friends would say or because they worry what women would think of them?

The modern man is an altogether more polished specimen than before, but we, personally are fine with that as long as he remains a rugged beast at heart.

Are you a man interestd in looking your best, or do you think your fella would appreciate a little tighten and brighten time? Why not be a ‘modern woman’ and book him in for a SkinBase facial?

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