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learn something new

Learn something new!

There’s nothing better to keep you feeling young and alert than challenging your brain to learn a new skill. We work with lots of therapists who are constantly updating and learning new skills to bring you the best treatments, as they are passionate about what they do. Try something new, and it might lead you somewhere interesting. Even if it doesn’t, hey, you have a new skill now! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

A new language

This might sound like a BIG task, but nowadays there are lots of different apps and websites that take the effort out of learning a new language. You’ll be ordering a steak in Paris or tapas in Madrid before you know it!

Knitting or embroidery

The perfect skill for anyone who loves to watch TV or films in the evenings, knitting and embroidery are both great for the brain as well as providing you with the perfect solution for what to give people for Christmas for the next few years!

Sourdough baking

With the rise in popularity of ‘real food’, aka food made without unnecessary additives, flavourings and preservatives, you might have heard more people talking about sourdough bread. This is bread made slowly, without commercial, fast acting yeast, and once you take your first successful loaf out of the oven, you’ll never want to go back to bagged bread again.


Your mind and body will thank you for learning this one. Yoga is fantastic for toning your body, relieving stress, increasing self-confidence, sleeping better and improving your mood.


All you need to learn how to draw is a piece of paper and a pencil. Almost anyone can learn to draw with the help of a book, a class or even just a guide downloaded from the internet. Drawing is one of the most coveted and enjoyable skills around, it just takes a little patience and time.


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