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Salon Spotlight – The Lakes Beauty Room, Nottingham

Salon Spotlight

Each month, we are going to bring you all a new SkinBase Therapist case study, to give you tips, advice and success stories of real people, real businesses and real SkinBase reviews… All in the form of our Salon Spotlight. This month, our spotlight is on Wendy Hemmings, owner of The Lakes Beauty Room, Nottingham. We asked the all important questions and her answers are below.

How long have you been offering SkinBase treatments?

I have been offering Skinbase Microdermabrasion for 8+ years now and can’t imagine my salon without it.

How popular is SkinBase with your clients?

This treatment is the most popular treatment at my salon. I am a home based salon so my clients range in all sorts of ages and walks of life. The treatment sells itself because of the changes in the skin after just one session. My clients tell me that this facial is addictive and I have to agree! I can’t imagine my salon without Microderm now, it is such a huge part of my treatments, my number one best selling facial out of the 9 or 10 that I offer.

What skin complaint do you most commonly treat with your SkinBase machine?

The biggest concerns for my clients are fine lines and wrinkles and dull/dry skin. Although I have also had some great success with acne scarring and pigmentation too. It’s the anti-ageing side of it that my ladies go for mainly. I always say to my clients, before you go for botox and fillers, give Microdermabrasion a try. I’ve actually managed to stop some clients from having those invasive treatments by talking them into having Microdermabrasion.

If you could offer just one skincare tip to your clients what would it be?

I would say when it comes to skincare products always invest in a good moisturiser as this one product is sitting on your skin and sinking into your bloodstream. Cleansers don’t need to be overly expensive as you are pretty much putting these on and then wiping/washing them off, but a decent moisturiser is a must!  I would also suggest anyone above 25 should be wearing an eye cream too!

Wendy, we have seen on your facebook page all the fantastic makeovers you do for your Brides. What’s your top tip for achieving a great look?

A great makeup isn’t just about using the right products, it is about getting the skin underneath it in top condition. I always recommend a course of Microdermabrasion to my brides leading up to their Big Day and I can honestly say that makeup goes on completely differently on a Microdermed Bride! My most used saying to my brides-to-be at their wedding makeup trial is “your makeup will only be as good as the skin underneath it.

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

I would say the thing that makes me stand out from the crowd is my honesty and dedication to this treatment. Being the only therapist at The Lakes Beauty Room means I get to know my clients’ skin inside out. I offer them the best and true advice and will always have their interests at heart. Yes, making money is obviously a goal when you have your own business, but it’s the honesty and dedication that my clients praise me for. I always say to my clients that I will only use machinery or products that I would use on myself and they all know that my machinery and products have all been researched and tried and tested on me. They seem to like that.

Contact The Lakes Beauty Room

Are you in the Nottingham area? Looking for beauty and makeup services? Check out The Lakes Beauty Room Facebook page here and get in touch. Wendy is an experienced Makeup artist and has worked in the industry delivering talks and lessons in beauty products and makeup. Looking for something different for a gift? You can even book in for a one-to-one makeup lesson with Wendy! More on The Lakes Beauty Room website: www.the-lakes-beauty-room.co.uk

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