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We’re so delighted that the Italians (who know just a thing or two about beauty!) have fallen in love with The SkinBase Facial. This month we got a double paged spread in popular beauty magazine ‘La Pelle’, amazing! The article interviewed SkinBase owner and founders, Rich and Leesa Faulkner to find out exactly why they began the company. Though we’re sure many of you are fluent in Italian (like we are of course, uh hem…) we’ve translated the piece for you just in case.

The SkinBase microdermabrasion system interview:

We put some questions to Richard Faulkner, who founded SkinBase in 2005 with his sister Leesa.

What differences have you found between the beauty market in Italy and the UK?

Italy is a wonderful country and we decided to export our product here before we took it to France because we love the kindness and hospitality of the Italian people. We have found that in Italy there is less regulatory framework when it comes to beauty therapy compared to the UK, but at the same time we have noticed that your beaurocracy can make it almost impossible for therapists to open a salon. Despite this, however, Italians really seem to embrace beauty and rejuvenation and there are 15% more salons in Italy than the UK.

Why did you decide on microdermabrasion?

Because it is a rejuvenating treatment with instant results and few contraindications. Surely that’s a winning formula for any beauty salon…

How does it work?

Through a process of exfoliation and regeneration of the skin using very fine crystals of aluminium oxide to gentle abrade the skin removing dead skin cells layer by layer. Using a vaccum action the treatment also promotes blood circulation to the treated area, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, making the skin firmer and giving a more youthful appearance.

Anything else to add about SkinBase?

Just one thing: if a customer decides to buy their own machine we offer an industry best four year manufacturer’s warranty. We design and manufacture the machine in England and we therefore have stocks of any spare parts ready for immediate despatch. Who can say better than that?!

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