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We often talk about beauty tips for the face and body but our feet regularly get overlooked and rarely get the attention they deserve. Here are some tips on caring for your feet so they look good all year round.

Make sure you use a pumice stone

If you haven’t tried a pumice stone yet, you’re missing out on a super easy way to get your feet in tip top shape! Pumice stones gradually help you get rid of dry, rough skin, calluses and corns. Use a pumice stone in the shower and make sure you follow up with a good moisturiser with lactic acid that’ll help moisturize and exfoliate your feet!

Clean, clean, clean

Make sure you’re cleaning in between your toes and not just the tops and bottoms of your feet. I know this might sound so basic but even in the shower; we spend much less time cleaning our feet than the rest of our body! So, from now on really scrub your feet and toenails well and not just rinsing them with water!

Trim your toe nails properly

One of the big no-nos in foot care is to trim your toe nails too short. This can leave your toenail vulnerable to infection and it can hurt! Prevent common toenail problems by following a few of these tips. Trim your nails by cutting them with a few small cuts rather than one long cut across. Also, avoid pushing up or nipping the cuticle as this can cause infections.

Keep your tools clean

Another big part of foot care is to keep your tools clean! You might be the only person using your foot care tools but you still want to make sure to disinfect your tools so you’re using clean instruments. You’ll want to clean glass, acrylic or metal nail files, toenail nippers and anything else you use in your foot care routine. To clean nail files, warm up some water and add some antibacterial soap. Grab an old toothbrush to clean off the file, rinse and dry!

High quality tools

Use high quality tools when you’re doing foot care. Make sure you’re using actual toenail clippers and not just large fingernail clippers. And avoid going for the inexpensive tools we often see. You don’t have to spend a fortune on toenail clippers, but look for a good toenail nipper with straight jaws for the best results.

Make sure the shoe fits

Wearing shoes that fit sounds easy enough, right? Not really. How many times have we sacrificed comfort and a proper fit for style? I love the way my shoes look but I hate the way most of them feel! You don’t have to wear walking shoes everywhere for the rest of your life but you don’t want to torture your feet either. Invest in good fitting shoes to provide comfort and protect your feet!


If you want to get your feet ready for sexy shoes at any time, you not only have to keep your feet clean and looking good but feeling sexy too! Apply a thick foot lotion and put on socks before you head to bed. Keep this up and you’ll have soft and silky feet in no time!

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