If you’re like me and your hair feels like it’s suffering from heat damage, dryness or split ends then read on for some tips for silky hair. These TLC tips will help you to achieve smooth and glossy hair.

Avoid washing daily

One of the must-do tips for silky hair is to avoid washing your hair daily if you can. Shampoos contain chemicals that can dry out the natural oils and damage hair if used too frequently. If your scalp and strands feel dirty without their daily washing, try a dry shampoo for those days in between shampoos. They make your hair smell good, easier to style and you’ll feel much cleaner!

Use less heat

I know most of us girls are addicted to using straighteners, curling irons and hot rollers, but one of the most important tips for damaged hair is to use less heat! Try starting out using no appliances just once a week. Pick a day where you aren’t super picky about who sees you with your hair less than perfect and just enjoy your hair in its natural state. Work up to not using appliances twice a week, and if you dare, more days a week. If you’re really brave, let your hair air-dry or at least dry it just a few minutes instead, just to give it a head start on air-drying naturally.

Deep conditioning

The next hair tip for healthy hair involves doing a weekly deep conditioning treatment. Now I’m the absolute worst at remembering to do a weekly treatment but I can sure see and feel the difference when I don’t remember to do it! You can buy a deep conditioner or easily make your own at home with a few products from the kitchen!

Pat dry

Another hair tip to get in the habit of doing is to always pat hair dry with a towel. Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel in order to prevent damage. According to research, rubbing wet hair with a towel is one of the reasons people experience hair loss. Always be extra gentle and careful with wet hair!

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