It only takes a minute girl…

Running low on time but still want to look fabulous? Try these one minute quick fix beauty tips. It will be the best 60 seconds you’ve ever had! Kind of…

You love to step out of the house looking and feeling great, but you are stuck looking for 60-second make-up tips that actually work!

We all have those days when you don’t have the time to fix your make-up or pretty your face before hurrying to your destination. You honestly don’t need a generous application to look good; just a few quick strokes and fast make-up tips will revitalise your appearance.

Contrary to popular belief, looking amazing does not require an hour in front of the mirror. Take a look at these best one minute make-up tips that will have you rushing out that door in time and looking great!

Metallic Shadow for Extra Flair

Touch up your eyes with a little metallic shadow, though be sure to select one that brings a spark to your eyes and complements your eye colour. More importantly, the metallic eye shadow must stand out to give the impression of a twinkle. Brush a bit of your favourite into the inner corners of your eyes to really make them pop! This is one of my favorite 60-second make-up tips of all time!

Cover up Fatigue Signs

After a tiring day at work or a long night, you notice your face has a less-than healthy appearance. Perk up by patting concealer onto the inner corners of your eyes, alongside your nose and in the space under your lower lashes. Brush some bronzer on your cheeks to increase their prominence. This process is the best way to appear alive and energised!

Wonders of Blush

Apply your favourite blush on the apples of your cheeks; the colour imparts liveliness to your face, significantly reducing the need for additional make-up. Just a few brush strokes along your cheeks and even on your chin and nose (just to add in a little colour) can totally brighten up your face completely! This 60-second make-up tip is a great way to bring your face to life and it might not even take 60 seconds!

Outline for Perfection

Find a pretty liner similar to your lip colour and trace the contours of your lips, then smooth a lip stain and lipstick for a bold finish. You will get an enhanced pout that is great for any occasion. You could even really bump up that lip colour with a bit lip gloss to really make your lips shine and sparkle!

Highlighter Is a Time-saver

A colourless highlighter emphasises the best features of your face through a light shimmer and small glow. Stroke the highlighter on your cheekbones to enhance your bone structure, spread it under your brow bone, onto your eyelids, and even polish your lips. Your face is saturated in a mild brilliance, and with an added touch of mascara, your look is fantastic.

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