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If you see someone older than your years when you look in the mirror, then it could be that you’re making some critical makeup mistakes that can age you. To stop committing makeup crimes such as runny mascara or caked on foundation, and as a result knock years off your appearance, check out this blog! Next time you look in the mirror, you’ll see a new, younger you.

Too much concealer = Cakey!

Putting on too much concealer is a cardinal sin we’re likely to have all be guilty of from time to time. If your concealer looks cakey on your skin, it will make your skin appear not natural, and draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles! Instead, make sure that your concealer is light and airy, not cakey and thick!

Smudged and runny mascara, it’s enough to make you cry!

Runny mascara…garr! It’s a bane isn’t it!? It’s easy for mascara to leave little smudges and black lines surrounding the eye area but this can really accentuate fine lines and wrinkles so should be avoided! You need to make sure that you are checking every single bit of your face before you leave the house and remove any of the smudges or black lines. This will help ensure mascara is in the right place! And if you haven’t already, why not invest in a waterproof mascara which will work wonders!

We’ve also written a blog about how to make your tired eyes look amazing, which will be sure to help knock the years off – enjoy!

Skinny brows

Skinny brows should be avoided no matter what age you are. You just need to look at photos from the catwalk shows to see that big brows are in! Over plucking your brows too thin and creating that ‘surprised’ look can actually age you a lot. The solution to this is just making sure that you know what ‘too’ thin is for your face. If you can, try and leave the plucking and waxing to the experts and this will help ensure your brows perfectly match your face!

Less is more when it comes to powder

Just as concealer can give that cakey look, powder can too. If you apply less powder, it could really make your face seem more youthful and brighten up your entire appearance!

Foundation faux pas!

Picking the wrong shade of foundation can also really age you. Your foundation shade should completely match your skin colour, giving an all-natural appearance and should never show through. There is a problem ladies, if your face is a different colour to your neck! If in doubt, ask the experts at the beauty counter to help select the right shade.

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