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As advocates of the natural and none invasive at SkinBase, you may well expect us to pick up on the risky business that is plastic surgery. But after reading the article in this weekend’s Sunday Times Style magazine which talks about the potential issues and absolute trivialisation of the likes of breast enlargement, fillers and botox – we’re more determined than ever to try and get women to test out the likes of microdermabrasion before embarking on a more serious (and expensive) course of surgical action.

The article predictably picks up on the recent PiP scandal, something that has affected thousands of women who chose breast enlargement in the past years. Quickly though, the Sunday Times team moves on to the cosmetic surgery business as a whole, noting how many women see surgery as ‘the norm’ in a ‘OK girls, get your hair done, get a new handbag, get some new breasts’ sort of fashion.

We agree completely with the idea that anyone who thinks its time for righteous judgements about women’s self esteem being several decade too late. Women have the right to feel great about themselves and of course the right to choose. The worry is that choices are often made based on the basis of hearsay, or formed off the back of a surgeon who is potentially under qualified.

Take the advice of The Sunday Times and make sure you do your research before going under the knife. Take our research and try out microdermabrasion before considering botox, fillers or more drastic facial surgery – we promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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