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Slow Down Ageing

Is it Possible to Slow Down Ageing Skin?

We’re not getting any younger, but that doesn’t mean our skin needs to show it. It is possible with the right treatments, lotions, and potions to slow down the signs of ageing to wrinkles and liver spots and everything else we need to put up with in between. There are a number of factors that affect how quickly the skin ages, so let’s take a look at how we can combat them…

Sun damage

Sun damage is actually so easily avoided. You really should be wearing SPF all the time regardless of whether you live in Australia or the North Pole. Even when it’s dull and rainy, sun can seriously damage the skin causing it to age a lot earlier than it really should. You can pick up cost-effective SPFs and it’s also included in most foundations – just ensure you check before you buy!

Dehydrated skin

Not only does your body need water to survive, but so does your skin. Keep hydrated from the inside and moisturised from the outside. Our 3D lifting cream uses patented ultra-filling spheres to hold water in and keep skin hydrated. But ensure you’re also drinking enough water too. Get it now in the shop.

Bad lifestyle habits

Sometimes it’s your only vice but bad habits can wreak havoc on your delicate skin. We’re talking about smoking, excess drinking, not enough sleep, leaving makeup on, and so on and so forth. Lifestyle habits can affect your skin to great extents, so nip these in the bud and give your skin a helping hand before it’s too late. If you do want to do any of these, make sure it’s in moderation. 

Not removing makeup

We touched on it above, but this is a huge no-no if you want great skin. Don’t leave your makeup on for longer than it needs to be and definitely don’t leave it on overnight!There are plenty of great SkinBase treatments that can help your skin not only slow down in the ageing process but help to reverse some of the more obvious signs. Make an appointment with your nearest therapist today to see how SkinBase can rejuvenate your skin and slow down ageing. image:istock.com/fizkes

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