Interested in some random facts about skin? Skin facts might not be at the top of your list of things you want to discover but these facts are worth learning about! We go to such great lengths to get the very best products for our skin to ensure that it looks its best but what do we really know about our epidermis?

Walking dead

The first skin fact that I wanted to share with you was the amount of dead skin cells we lose on a daily basis. We use exfoliators, scrubs and so many other potions and contraptions to shed our dead skin cells when we actually lose 50,000 skin cells a minute! According to Discovery Magazine, we lose thousands of skin cells per minute and dead skin cells account for much of the dust in the atmosphere! Um, gross!

Damage control

Research shows that the bulk of our skin’s signs of ageing is due to the environment and not hereditary as we might suspect. This is fantastic news because this means that we can take action and prevent damage and lines from forming! If you want to prevent damage you know the drill: wear sunscreen, don’t smoke, drink in moderation and try to control stress!

Sweat spot

Sweat isn’t exactly the most pleasant topic to discuss but this next skin fact is sure to get your attention. On a hot day we think we sweat buckets and we could actually be right! We have been known to sweat up to three gallons of sweat on a hot day with only our eardrums, the margins of our lips and nail beds exempt from sweating. Yikes, that leaves a whole lot of other areas that are secreting sweat!

Organ trail

Another noteworthy thing to know about your skin is that it’s the body’s largest organ weighing in at around nine pounds and measuring 21 square feet. Our skin covers nerves and glands and also serves to protect us from the environment. So our skin is not only defending us from the effects of our environment, it’s also helps us to experience it as well!

Double-edged sword

Exfoliating can help clear your skin of precancerous cells before they become malignant but doing so also puts your skin at risk to additional sun damage. This doesn’t mean you should avoid exfoliating or do it all the time, just be sure to apply sunscreen and protect your freshly scrubbed skin from prolonged exposure to the sun!

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