If you’re anything like us, you’ll have been absolutely gripped to the TV over the past couple of weeks, watching in awe-struck amazement as all our athletes continue to acheive the most incredible feats.

Hopefully, the sports have put a spring in your step (there’s nothing like exercse to get the blood pumping and skin glowing) but make sure you follow these two beauty tips to make sure your workout leaves you breaking out in a lovely glow, rather than spots.

Fitness beauty tips:

1.) Never wear full make-up when working out. Your body will try to expel heat and toxins through the skin, and make-up will block this.

2.) If you go red after a work-out, run a towel under cold water and press over cheeks in a downward motion to massage the lymph and cool skin

Good luck on your get fit campaign!

SkinBase x

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