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Washing your face. Sounds simple, right? Well, not when we really starting looking into it. Turns out that to wash your face correctly, there’s a number of steps you should be taking, and avoiding!

We’re not going to prescribe certain brands or products (that’s not our style, plus who are we to say what your skin needs) but we are going to talk you through the steps to getting a squeaky clean, PROPERLY washed, face.

1. No foaming cleansers.

Who knew? We always thought that foam = clean skin. Apparently not: “As a rule – stay clear of ‘foaming’ on the bottle (there is the odd exception, but they are few and far between) – to get foam you need to use a surfactant – and a surfactant turns your skin alkaline. Alkaline skin is like a petri dish for bacteria. The irony being that so many cleansers pushed on to acne/combination skins are foaming. Naughty, nasty companies should know better.”

2. Applying your cleanser on DRY skin.

Yes, this sounds weird, but this is key. When you first apply on dry skin and gently massage into your face for about a minute, this really helps in not only breaking down your makeup, sunscreen (yes, even in November!) and all the grime, but it stimulates your facial muscles. This is what will keep your face looking young and vibrant. As dry brushing, exfoliation and stimulating circulation is key for the body, stimulating circulation in your face is also key. It all begins to make sense!

3. Using a cleansing balm.

Many of you might be adverse to this step, perhaps you’re under the impression that a balm will contribute to further breakouts. This could not be further from the truth! Cleansing balms play a big role in ensuring skin looks plump and dewy – just don’t go overboard.

4. Using a muslin cloth in conjunction with you cleanser/balm.

This is a CRUCIAL step. This is THE crucial step! If you’re using a balm, a cloth will always be necessary, but honestly, you should really use one whatever cleanser you have. One of the main reasons you’ll suffer from acne is if you don’t fully remove all your make up – even if you think you’re pretty good at cleansing, these cloths will show you just how much you’re missing!

So, to recap… apply cleanser on dry skin, massage into my skin for a minute or so and then wet your muslin cloth with warm water and wipe your face. After that, you can finish off with splashing some warm water to really get the remaining makeup gunk off.

Feeling clean? We bet you are!

Thanks to Brooklyn Blonde for the face cleaning tips and the master image. We love it!

The SkinBase Team x

  • Just as you change as the years go by, so does your skin. What works for you in your 20’s simply won’t cut it in your 30’s, 40’s or 50’s. Total Beauty have created a great article which tells us the main skincare products we should be using on our skin as we get older.

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