Well we are firmly in the thick of party season and as well as my tummy it would appear my eyes are taking the brunt of the late nights and excessive eating and drinking. So I have decided to do some research and try and fix this problem once and for all. Turns out, there are various ways to get rid of under eye dark circles and puffiness as well as there are different reasons why they occur in the first place. So, have a look at the tips on how to get rid of dark circles and puffiness and see which tips will work for you.

Sweet dreams

Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most common reasons behind under-eye dark circles and puffiness. Lack of sleep can make your skin appear paler, which allows blood vessels to be more visible through the skin, giving the appearance of bluish or dark circles. So make sure that you are getting in at least 7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep.

Enlarged blood cells

If your under eye dark circles are caused because of enlarged blood vessels, double up on pillows at night to stop blood from building up under your eyes. In the morning, apply a cold compress for about five minutes to constrict the blood vessels. This should make your dark circles less noticeable. What works fantastic is putting spoons in the freezer – take them out in the morning, press under your eyes for 5 minutes, instant cold press!

Medical issue

It could be a symptom of an allergic reaction or kidney infection. If other symptoms are also present, such as fever, skin rash, or difficulty breathing, consult your doctor right away. If an allergy is involved, find out what foods you are allergic to and eliminate them from your menu.

Nasal congestion

Sometimes nasal congestion can dilate and darken the veins that run from your eyes to your nose, causing the blackish colour. So deal with the congestion and your dark circles should automatically disappear! Remember, this could again be allergies, but in a different way. Once you kick the allergies out, you’ll see them clear up!

Healthy eating

At the end of the day, you are what you eat. The healthier you eat, the better your skin is going to look. For dark circles, you need a healthy dose of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K iron and folic acid. So gorge on citrus fruits, berries, green leafy veggies, nuts, whole grains, avocado, seafood, beef, cheese, green tea etc. and do away with processed and greasy foods.

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