I love spring and all that goes with it, except the dreaded hay-fever. And it seems I am not the only one. There are lots of people I know suffering from seasonal allergies or cold and flu type illnesses at the minute. But if you’re not quite ready to give in and have a busy social schedule this spring, these tips will help you look pretty, even when sick!

Make your eyes clear and sparkly

Eyes are the biggest giveaway when we are under the weather and nothing says sick and tired like bloodshot eyes. Keep some eye drops handy to alleviate dry, itchy and red eyes and instead, keep your eyes moist, clear and sparkly!


A nice steam treatment is a fabulous way to clear out your sinuses and improve the appearance of your skin when you’re sick. Make the experience even more luxurious by adding oils like eucalyptus or just use hot water to breathe in the relief!

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This is especially important, as the weather gets warmer. Be sure you fill up with lots of water and soothing herbal tea instead of coffee. Hydrating yourself will enable you to moisturise skin from the inside and ensure it looks the best it can. You might not feel like drinking anything but being dehydrated won’t help you get better any faster and it certainly won’t help you appear more alert or healthy! So reach for the water ladies!


When you’re sick it’s especially important to take care of your skin, even if you don’t feel like it! If you want to look healthy, start with your skin and ensure it is properly moisturised at all times. Medication, the dry air and a number of other things can dry out skin so moisturise it with a gentle moisturiser that won’t further irritate it.

Reach for the Blusher

When we get sick, our skin can often look dull, tired and lose its colour, so one product you definitely don’t want to forget when doing makeup is blusher. If your skin is dry, try a cream blush for a healthy glow!

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If you’re feeling sick, likely you are tired and look tired! But the good news is you can instantly wake up eyes by curling the lashes and applying mascara! Also, don’t apply complicated smoky eyeshadow or anything fancy to tired eyes as this will just accentuate your tiredness. Instead, the best thing is to keep it simple and try using eye shadows to brighten the eye area instead.

Yay for Concealer

Concealer is a key make up must have for sick days. Use a yellow or green-based concealer to hide dark circles from lack of sleep. Concealers with a yellow base can help counteract the purplish colour of dark circles and green-based concealers help to lessen any redness on your face.

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