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Summer is here for sure and one thing that comes hand in hand with it are festivals, BBQs, Bank Holiday three day parties and generally pushing yourself to the party limit. But it can all take its toll and you may not always feel your best – but these tips will certainly help you look your best, even when sick!


One of the basic principles in how to look pretty when sick is to make sure you’re still properly caring for your skin. I know it’s easy to think that being sick is a pass to slack on personal care but if you want to look healthy, start with your skin. Medication, the dry air and a number of other things can dry out skin so moisturise your skin with a gentle moisturiser that won’t further irritate your skin.


Hydrate yourself and moisturise skin from the inside by filling up with lots of water and soothing hot herbal tea instead of coffee. You might not feel like drinking anything but being dehydrated won’t help you get better any faster and it certainly won’t help you appear more alert or healthy!


One product you definitely don’t want to forget when doing makeup for sick days is blush. Most times when we get sick, our faces lose colour and we tend to look very pale. If you find yourself in this situation, break out your favourite blush, bronzer or combine the two to give dull skin some oomph! If your skin is dry, try a cream blush for a healthy glow!

Get the Red Out

Another tip on how to look pretty when sick is to use eye drops to alleviate dry and red eyes. Again, the weather and medication can dry out our eyes and make us drowsy. Nothing says sick and tired like bloodshot eyes so keep some eye drops handy to keep your eyes moist, clear and sparkly!


A huge part of how to look pretty when you’re sick is to do your eye makeup. Even if we feel tired, we can instantly wake up eyes by curling our lashes and applying mascara! Also, don’t try to cover up tired eyes with complicated smoky eyes or anything fancy, keep it simple and try using eye shadows to brighten the eye area instead.


Another hugely important tip in doing makeup for sick days is to use concealer, especially as acne and pimples are more likely to appear. Use a yellow or green-based concealer to hide dark circles from lack of sleep. Concealers with a yellow base can help counteract the purplish colour of dark circles and green-based concealers help to lessen any redness on your face.


Before you start doing your makeup for sick days, give yourself a nice steam treatment. Steaming your face is a fabulous way to clear out your sinuses and improve the appearance of your skin when you’re sick. Make the experience even more luxurious by adding oils like eucalyptus or just use hot water to breathe in the relief!

SkinBase Facial

The SkinBase Facial™ speeds up the rate at which the skin would normally renew itself – ridding you of tired and dull patches and revealing new, fresh skin and giving a radiant glow, perfect for when you’re not feeling your best and giving a real boost to your confidence.

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