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Look good in photographs

How to Look Good in Photographs

Whether you want to snap an amazing selfie, or you wish to look great in a professional photo, knowing how to look good in photographs is something the majority of us desire. While not everyone is photogenic, using a few little tricks here and there can make an astounding difference.

Look slimmer

Turning your body slightly to the side with your shoulder facing the camera helps to fake a slimmer appearance.

Choose the right foundation

Your foundation should be the same colour as your skin. It’s also important to avoid wearing foundations with SPF if you’re having your picture taken as these can cause flashback, resulting in the whitening of your face.

Lengthen your lashes

Defining your lashes with mascara will help to make your eyes pop. If you’re feeling brave, a coloured mascara can accentuate the natural colour of your eyes. Use purple mascara for brown and green eyes, blue mascara for blue eyes and green mascara for hazel eyes.

Add a little gloss

A spritz of hair gloss can make a massive difference to your tresses. Camera flashes tend to enhance shiny hair, giving you that A-list glow.

Blot oil

If you suffer from combination or oily skin, use blotting paper to eliminate any shiny patches. Dust the face with a little powder but only mattify your t-zone. If the skin appears too matte, it can dull your complexion, so use a little cream blush and highlighter on your cheeks to give a healthy, radiant glow.

Be aware of direct light

Direct light would give even Beyoncé an unflattering appearance. Instead, make use of natural lighting, especially on the side of the face, to create a beautiful, complementary hue on your silhouette.

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