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I’ve always had a problem finding out how to apply makeup faster. I’m typically rushing around in the morning, with my eyes still half-closed and half of the time, I’m still asleep! Well, here are some top tips for applying makeup faster that I’ve learned throughout the years and compiled them into one list, one scoop that you can pick and choose from! So girls, you ready to learn how to apply makeup faster and how to really make sure that your makeup looks amazing?

Prep skin in the shower

Why not save a step in your makeup process and prep your skin right in the shower? Truthfully, this has saved me more times than I can count! I’ll exfoliate in the shower, cleanse and really make sure that every single bit of my skin is ready for the makeup. This is one of the best tips that I can pass on, on how to apply makeup faster.

Lay out your make up the night before

This has worked for me in the past so well. Just like your clothes that you’re going to wear the next day, why not set out the makeup that you’re going to wear? This will allow you to grab and go – or to put on really easily! Lay out your foundation, the colour eye shadow you want to wear and even your lipstick for the day!

Go with a simple look

If you aren’t a big planner, like me sometimes, you might want to go with a simple look! Just something like foundation, powder and mascara can make your face look amazing – and it’s super quick! This is definitely one of the ways I’ve learned to apply makeup faster and speed up my entire ‘getting ready’ process!

Play up your eyes

Even though you might be in a rush, you definitely want to make sure that you play up your eyes. Mascara or even a little eyeliner can actually do the trick. It also doesn’t take that long either. If you are really in a rush, skip the eye shadow and just concentrate on a cool eyeliner shape!

Nude lips

Also, another great tip that I have when you’re trying to apply your makeup faster is to keep your lips nude! Don’t put on anything but just a little balm on them – or even just a little bit of lip gloss, just for some shimmer and shine. It’ll make it so much better!

Don’t skip the foundation

Girls, when you are in a rush, don’t skip the foundation – not totally at least. Even if you can’t fully coat your face in foundation, just make sure that you conceal any imperfections that you have. A little tiny bit of concealer can go a heck of a long way!

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