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How long to wait between microdermabrasion treatments

The optimum amount of time between your microdermabrasion facials is 7-10 days. This allows your skin time to recover but is also close enough together if you are working to improve skin issues. Skin concerns like pigmentation, acne, scarring, and uneven skin tone all need a consistent and regular treatment plan to achieve the best results. Read on to find out why this 7-10 day window is important.


Our skin does naturally slough away some dead cells, the techy term is ‘desquamation’, but it doesn’t do it as efficiently as it could. Microdermabrasion uses exfoliating crystals to remove the dead skin cells trapped in our pores by excess oil, which leads to blackheads and spots. Makeup and pollution particles can also get ‘stuck’ to dead skin cells, leading to oxidative stress, which ages the skin. Frequent exfoliation will help prevent this build-up of dead skin cells which leave skin looking dull and lacklustre.

Vacuum Action

As well as jetting out a stream of tiny crystals, microdermabrasion will actually hoover the skin! You heard us right, and this ‘hoovering’ has an important purpose. The vacuum action stimulates the microcirculation within the skin, which promotes collagen production. Collagen is a really important substance that helps make the skin plump and firm. By helping to increase the skin’s collagen levels, Microdermabrasion helps you to achieve a smoother and less wrinkled complexion. Regular treatments will keep these levels high and improve the skin’s texture and plumpness.

What happens if I wait longer?

If you wait longer, nothing bad is going to happen but you aren’t going to get the best results and our job as beauty therapists is to try and manage expectations and what can be achieved. We want you to achieve the best possible outcome for your time and money.

What about once I’ve finished my course of treatments?

Once you have finished a course of treatments we recommend a monthly maintenance treatment to maintain your results and keep skin looking and feeling great. Use a good high protection spf at all times and throughout the year to prevent further skin damage. Remember, investing in your skin is a lifelong commitment, there are no quick fixes that last. Start looking after your skin properly now and reap the rewards in the future. Find your nearest therapist right now!

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